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ITT We speculate about who it's Members are by their Stances & Views:
>President Trump
>Steve Bannon
>Nigel Farage
>Viktor Orban
>Stephen Miller
>Robert Mercer
>Dietrich Mateschitz (CEO of Redbull)
>Mel Gibson
>Clint Eastwood
>Vince Vaughn
>Jon Voight
>Tim Allen
>Mark Wahlberg
>Kid Rock
>Taylor Swift
>Kanye West (attempted to join, ratted out by witch wife & lobotomised by kikes)
>Tom Brady
>Mike Tyson
>Floyd Mayweather
>Pewdiepie? (Sounds absurd, but every movement needs some Youth Outreach & given his behaviour...)
That's a wild guess, I'm not saying they all ARE in it, that's just a wild estimate of who is. Say tbis group exists, what is their purpose? Blocking globalism? Are they a hidden sect of Templars?
Any info or speculation on them is welcome, I find the whole idea of an anti-elite Group fascinating.
>floyd mayweather


He's a millionare who chose to date a literal camwhore with nude vids all over the web. Nigga aint in on shit
Well he's been pretty Vocal about his support of Trump, I'm just listing famous/influential Trump supporters & speculating on wether they're in this Group or not, & the reasons why they are or aren't.
Even if Anons could think of Historical Figures who could have been members that would be great.
Tomorrow is ours
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>plus ultra
maybe he's a weeb?
Disguising yourself as a jew is a fantastic way to get Protected Status, I admit, but there's something about his face that screams "demon" to Me.
What thai cave painting?

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