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I'd like to play a little game, /pol/, one concerning geopolitics.

Amazon is on the fast track to taking over in the United States. Just this week, they've announced their plans to enter the pharmaceutical market. Combined with their disruptive entry into grocery, media and general retail markets, Amazon becoming the sole or dominant lead in all commerce and B2C purchases in the U.S sometime in the near future is not far-fetched.

As you know, Bezos is looking to construct a second headquarters for Amazon somewhere in North America. Dozens of cities have submitted their proposals and are willing to go through whatever means necessary to win the bid, including partitioning land to a new city to be named "Amazon." Specifically, Amazon is looking for “a stable and business-friendly environment” and to hire as many as 50,000 full-time software engineers.

Given the increased geographical tensions between urban techno hubs and "fly-over country" where do you think Amazon's next HQ will be? Clearly this decision will have significant, if not catastrophic, impacts on labor markets and culture.

I’m placing my bets on either Chicago or some smaller Midwest or Southern city that Amazon can dominate and call their own. Chicago’s tech scene is booming, as is the development of luxury condos causing gentrification and attracting notable software developers from nearby Midwest flagstaff schools. Not to mention, Rahm has already begun sleezing up and kissing ass to Bezos. Yet, as Facebook already has plans to build a town of their own in CA, Amazon needs to do what it can to compete with top technical talent and exert dominance over the masses.
Relevant links:
Original RFP for 2nd HQ

Amazon increases office space in New York and San Diego
> https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/21/amazon-bringing-2000-jobs-to-new-york-city.html
> http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/technology/sd-fi-amazon-utc-20170913-story.html

Cities place outlandish bids for new HQ (I know CNN is jewery, but the most comprehensive article I could find)
> http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/04/technology/amazon-second-headquarters-city-proposals/index.html

Facebook town

Amazon’s entry to the pharmaceutical industry

Acquisition of Whole Foods, artificially slashing prices to obliterate competition, and Amazon Go, a new model for grocery stores in which customers activity is constantly tracked and monitored

Amazon introduces “Prime Wardrobe” allowing customers to try on clothing before purchase, free shipping both ways
> http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-prime-wardrobe-2017-6

“Brown Sugar” a movie subscription service geared towards African-Americans – Bonus: This link has Trump ripping on Bezos
> http://fortune.com/2017/09/05/amazon-brown-sugar-video-streaming-service/

Amazon bookstores
> https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/amazons-brick-and-mortar-bookstores-are-not-built-for-people-who-actually-read
File: AVATARAstronautBnW1.jpg (36 KB, 399x402)
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Chicagoan here. Born and raised.
I tell you this because out HUGE influx of newcomers are directly responsible for the faggotry that has been occurring here as of late.

Long story short; good fucking luck.



Tfw Chicongo.
File: 1506202186804.jpg (166 KB, 853x936)
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I agree that the newcomers are directly responsible for the faggotry. The problem is that they're being brought here by the tech and finance companies eating up the city.

Chicago is uniquely positioned economically, culturally and geographically to be the next big city of the US. Global warming could very well leave NYC underwater, and LA/Silicon Valley is in the heart of earthquake and nuke territory. As resource scarcity and overpopulation increase, our access to one of the largest fresh water reserves in the world will prove a huge asset to the world. The quality and cost of living will subsequently increase, hence making it a prime target for Amazon's next HQ.
File: Wallpaper16BitAlley.gif (1.59 MB, 1920x1152)
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1.59 MB GIF

True. My secondary point still stands. Chicago does have the unique position. However, so does St. Louis, Denver, and to a lesser extent; Detroit.
Chicago is also unique in another regard. Apologies if this falls into /x/-related stuff; but, like most cities, Chicago has an energy all it's own. It's like a woman in a cocktail dress holding a tommy gun. We don't abide too much authority here. We have too much as it is. Not to mention that rat-bastard fuck Rahm Emmeanuel. I'm sure, even if you disagree, you can understand.

We son't want them here, it's only a matter of time before PrimeCitizens get arrested by PrimeSecurity for PrimeOffenses. No Chicagoan worth their bones wants that.
I can see the case for Denver. The legalization of weed and its proximity to nature makes it akin to Seattle, but I'm not sure where they would pull their tech employees from.

Not sure about St. Louis. The race relations there seem less than sub-par, and there doesn't seem to be much incentive for Amazon.

Detroit could very well be a contender. Since the city is rebuilding itself, it would be a prime (no pun intended) opportunity for Amazon to take over.

I should also add that I, too, live in Chicago. The energy the city has is phenominal. The problem is that this energy is being disrupted by aforementioned faggotry and cucks falling for the tech meme. Just because Chicago doesn't want the PrimeCitizens and PrimeSecurity doesn't mean that Amazon won't force it on us. In the last 5 years alone, the West Loop has transformed into a yuppie neo-liberal cesspool.

Rahm has already been in close contact with Bezos. What's worse is that he has McDonald's - who just relocated their HQ from Oak Brook to the West Loop - United, Abbot, and a shit ton of other large companies to advocate for the city.
>support capitalism
>bitch about it


I live within walking distance of the river. I am seeing those Nov. 4th "March Against Fascism" posters in places where people gather. Just today near the Western Brown Line in fact. So i took them down. The reason i bring this up is twofold, possibly three.

I suspect the people putting u those signs might have an 'in' to what's going on, based on how well they tape those posters to signs. I am also giving a hint as to my current position for those who might see this post who are not you or I. It also serves as an implicit understanding to those people. They WILL NOT be tolerated; and I WILL stay within the Law to get this message around.

We don't need more violence; there's enough to go around as it is.

There is no way he doesn't build near a major city. You aren't going to attract developer talent if your fucking development center is in Starkeville, Mississippi or whatever.
>as many as 50,000 full-time software engineers.

so many h1b poos
As much as I hate bezos i want Amazon to build an entire city sozed infrastructure with same day delivery services of anything I could possibly need. In return I'd work for the company and live in a city of the future full of convenience.
my guess is it'll be Indianapolis
File: IMG_20170120_112253.jpg (2.87 MB, 4160x3120)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
I take it you're with CPD? Interesting you think these people have an "in" as if there were a greater agenda being put on by someone or something bigger behind the scenes. I'm not sure if most Chicago normies are educated enough to see the underlying corporate geopolitics surrounding the Trump administration. Would love to hear whatever else you have to offer.

By choosing a smaller city or under-developed area, Amazon has the potential to create its own city of which it has entire control. You'd be surprised at how many developers blindly want to work for a large tech company, especially one like Amazon, though I will agree that attracting talent would be far easier in a large urban area.
San Antonio
Forth Worth
cap this

You high, nigga? Taxes there will prevent amazon from ever setting up shop there, period. Nobody wants to open up shop in Illinois these days.
File: wholefoods-corporate.jpg (89 KB, 450x301)
89 KB
San Antonio is already HQ to Whole Foods. My guess is that they will expand this to include their entire food delivery and grocery business, Amazon Go in particular.

That said, putting their 2nd HQ in any Texas metro area would be a strategic and geographic disadvantage.
hahaha you're delusional.
File: AATsuCollegeStudents.jpg (50 KB, 500x437)
50 KB

Not my real name, not my real rank.
The manilla folders getting passed around by higher-ups are getting more and more obvious.
Things have been planned since the NDAA (Thanks Obama). This ties in really well with that sad and sorry 'muh gun control' narrative that's getting tossed around again after Vegas. You and I both know about the D&D/Heavy Metal scare of the 80s; and the 'muh vidya leads to school shootings' of the 90s. It's old hat, and people aren't interested. So they have to double-down on their efforts. Gerrymandering and political posturing is not only ruining Chicago, but America as a whole.
If it's not stopped soon; we're gonna have bigger problems than legislation disputes.
Raleigh NC pls amzon
On a more simplistic level Amazon has become excessively jewy. I have (((prime))) and now they're deliveries are always late. Also they have fucked with the format of the website where deleting stuff from your cart isn't as obvious. They really have past their prime in terms of being high quality.

If wal mart gets their guaranteed 2 day shipping game up I'll be switching.
Meant Austin, not San Antonio, my bad.

Rahm Emmanual, and IL govt. in general, is a sleezy motherfucker and will incentivize Amazon in whatever way he can.
No way for Chicago, man. Would probably put it on the border of IL/WI where they’d get the worker draw from Chicago and Milwaukee without the Chicago taxes bs that has companies fleeing IL faster than they can bring more in.
Why do you say that?

I'm not sure I follow. You're saying there's going to be a happening soon? The biggest issue I see IMO is black and latino neighborhoods getting gentrified causing increased poverty and gang violence. They can only go so far south or west before hitting the white suburbs. Not to menion, JP Morgan Chase just announced a 40 million investment in these underprivileged areas, akin to what they're doing in Detroit.


Also likely, as Microsoft has a substantial presence there.

Wal-Mart is based in ass-nowhere Arkansas. No one wants to live or work there. Amazon is going to tear them to shreds.

Amazon has a large distribution center in the Gurnee area. Milwaukee or Madison are both viable options, however.

Not a guaranteed happening; just the potential for one. Chicago is already skittish and scared. The Chicago Marathon is tomorrow, and the [Insert] Day Parade is Monday. Not saying anything will happen; praying nothing does.

If you haven't been on /pol/ long; check other threads. This goes way, WAY farther/deeper than silly shit like gentrification, imminent domain, and people of different skintones being at each others throats.

Grab a hotdog, some fried catfish, and a Bud or Old Style; and stay safe.
From your article
Birmingham - doesn't make sense
Stonecrest - too much Atlanta. Not seeing an advantage to getting good devs to move there
Washington D.C - retarded costs, might fanagle some tax deals, could braindran from NOVA
Chicago - i could see them sleezing a deal for Jeff.
Austin makes more sense, they can buy a huge tract of land south or east of the city and poach from all the satellite offices here.
Vancouver is a poor idea if they want to geographically diversify.
Toronto makes more sense there, but if they are going to do any warehousing or transport canada is a poor choice.
I've been lurking since 2013. Just wondering how Chicago specifically plays into all of this, especially with all the changes going on here.
Honestly, Amazon is still lacking a lot in certain areas of retail that Wal-Mart has solidified and improved on long ago.
I'm inclined to believe that Canada is off the table, albeit the quality of life and dev talent Amazon is looking for would be more easily achieved. I say that because Amazon is already stationed in the U.S. and placing their 2nd HQ here makes it easier for them to exert influence on the world's most powerful country. Would love to hear a leaf's opinion on this, as I've never really been and am not familiar with the demographics there.

Like what? Target is already replacing Wal-Mart in terms of physical retail due to branding alone. You're hardpressed to find a Wal-Mart proper here in Chicago, and I imagine the same applies to other urban areas.
Post your scams to this cunt firm , I know of somer guy who orders high tech gear an then reports broke on delivery an sends fake screens , an even vidya ,, gets new Text sent . vanish ..lol
I have heard better an they dont care, it redflags after $100K on one account ;)
St. Louis is offering a fuckton of land and even a damn skyscraper to Amazon. Then both MO and IL governors are supporting bids from their metro areas (KC, STL and CHI).

If they came here, and forced tech wages up, I'd probably end up staying. I never wanted to leave in the first place really, but the crime and low wages really suck.
Bezos is Jewish? I thought he was Greek-American gentile born in New Mexico
Bloomberg News already said the "contest" is bullshit marketing and the Amazon board already selected Boston for HQ2

All these cities look retarded for these futile pitches
Vancouver is asian central. It's a big software dev city, although less than the past (2000s). Real estate is insane.
Toronto is very high cost of living, and not sure how they would get the space either. Many people who work in toronto now live 1-1.5 hours away to get away from the sprawl. There are lots of dev jobs there.
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 230x219)
10 KB
Amazon is becoming like E-Bay selling BOOT LEG crap to the unwash plebs . I never buy anything on Jew Amazon it sells cheap fuck copies of everything . Imagine if the sold Pharmaceuticals they would be African shit made from Chalk !!
The obvious answer is Minneapolis
My gut says they would choose Chicago over St. Louis. There's already tons of site proposals for the former, and the race relations and culture of the latter seem unappealing.

What does Kansas City have to offer?

Sauce? I heard Boston was up there because of its proximity to MIT, Harvard and other Ivy Leage schools. Makes sense that it would be one of the more notable contenders.
of course they denied it, but Bloomberg News is legit when it comes to business scoops. boston is going to win it.

St. Louis is putting together a massive land proposal on both sides of the river, and I don't think it's race and crime issues are any more or less than what Chicago has. Besides, I don't think Amazon really cares that much about either issues.

Although my gut says they'll go to Austin or Atlanta, probably Atlanta. Other cities are too high priced for them to really dominate.

lol sure
File: 1506307627361.jpg (94 KB, 640x672)
94 KB
DC/MD/VA are going in on it together, they're getting it. It has been confirmed.

I am unironically Mayor Muriel Bowser's personal trainer behind 7 proxies desu.
Amazon's monopoly is decimating the US economy. Why are we letting this monopoly silently destroy our local economies?

Trump on (((Bezos)))-
"He thinks I'll go after him for antitrust," Trump said at the time. "Because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing.

"He's using the Washington Post, which is peanuts, he's using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust."

Trump’s campaign later reiterated this narrative in a statement claiming that the Post was being used as political leverage so Amazon doesn’t “get sued for monopolistic tendencies that have led to the destruction of department stores and the retail industry.”
File: (((Bezos))).jpg (335 KB, 981x720)
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335 KB JPG
For ever 10,000 jobs Amazon creates... 300,000 jobs in the retail industry die.

Amazon = Cancer
Seattle will always dominate the IQ talent
Chicago's tech and finance scenes are much bigger, as is the availability of software devs. Whole Foods already has their HQ in Austin. Mixed feelings about Atlanta.

>Why are we letting this monopoly silently destroy our local economies?
Because normies are obsessed with the false prophecy of technology and lower prices. Most people have lost any and all sense of local communities and the small business economics that supports them.
File: sgc2c_ep046_022.jpg (26 KB, 400x300)
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Where will it physically be for tax nexus? I could see VA getting that goodie.
Let Seattle handle this for the time being. We'll lay the groundwork for you jabronis
He should buy the amazon rainforest.
Proof he's Jewish?
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