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File: asianswhy.png (603 KB, 689x942)
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Why do asians hate their own race and want to erase their genes?
Only the inferior ones do. I know quite a few. Most of them are girls.

These girls exclusively date white men (even if he's fat, ugly, and old). They try to act white and put down other asians. They act out of insecurity and their inferiority complexes.

I'm actually glad these girls don't date asian men. I don't want them to spoil the asian gene pool and raise equally white worshipping, insecure children.
besides a good iq (which is important) they don't have shit going for them. White people have good looks, high iq and aren't mindless drones like Asians tend to be
lol I'm sure that she was highly aware of his complex mindset, enough to understand it even. I highly doubt she's simplifying and exaggerating anything for pity points in court. Girls don't do things like that.
File: amwfcouple.png (770 KB, 704x520)
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>why do asians hate their own race

no idea, but i'm using it to my advantage. i only fuck asian guys in hopes to dilute my irish/slav mix and shoot for better children.
that's good on you, unfortunately I think you're a larping asian male beta faggot. Literally every asian male, perhaps asian person is severely mentally ill.
File: 1503971334319.png (531 KB, 686x516)
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Asia is not a race.
looks like a psychotic bitch.

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