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>Easy to troll them
>Easy to offend them
>Easy to confuse them
He was an ISIS money bagman/courier

He was paid to move money in and out of the states to middle east to south east asia

IsIs claimed responsibility....VERY LOUDLY
(FBI DENIES - because they know its fucking TRUTH)

FBI gives public...absolutely nothing becasue they know that ISIS
is in the USA big time and has built armies here.
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OK i changed my mind he was probably the lone shooter.
If a terror group was involved why would they lay to waste all these weapons ??

They would much rather take the weapons as if nothing happened, then organize a terror attack involving 10~20 terrorists instead of 1 shooter.

Unless of course, the weapons found in Paddocks hotel room are only a small portion (the last few) of the deal.

Still. i have a lot of unanswered questions about this guy.
Shut up. ISIS is such a stupid fallback for the FBI that the public will gobble up and ask no further questions. This shit was deep state.
Stephen Paddock, a white male, liked guns, hunting and country music.

I'm sorry but it doesn't get anymore republican than that.

I can understand the motive of Israeli dual citizens and neocons letting 9/11 happen. And the saudis and Israelis even helping make it happen.

Such motives are not so clear to me with this particular conspiracy theory.
9/11 had the full weight of foreign state secret services behind it.

If anything i would like to learn about the owner of the building.
Also watch out for Michael Chertoff, the Jewish DHS chief turned full body scanner salesman.

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