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File: typical liberal cunt.jpg (17 KB, 277x277)
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Anyone remember this train wreck?

So Garofolo directly blames Giffords' shooting on Tea Party rhetoric, but is among the painfully silent when a crowd of mostly Trump voters gets gunned down amidst vile leftist rhetoric.

As usual, this is the left, and this is why I hate them and you should too.

>Tea Party rhetoric
What is this, 2011?
Roundabout, and the Tea Party movement was as benign as they come compared to Antifa
She's inironically wearing the Hammer & Sickle, referring to the former Soviet Union responsible for Ukrainian deaths totaling 20,000,000 and reign of terror killing millions of "internal enemies"??
>Janeane Garofol

God, I saw her perform live once (a family friend was performing at amateur night at a comedy club; Garofolo was supposed to be their "headline" to draw in people who weren't friends/family). I didn't come close to laughing once during her set. I don't think anyone did. She went on a half-baked liberal political rant which got a few nascent claps (because this was in NYC circa-2015), but there wasn't an ounce of wit or humor in her performance. It was astonishing to me that this woman had allegedly made a career in comedy; her performance was the equivalent a soccer player with no legs.
I thought she died from impetigo
Her and Silverman could have a contest for being the most unfuckable and unfunny cunts who've ever lived

Silverman is at least a little attractive. Garofolo is like the proto-Amy Schumer/Lena Dunham.
I remember this was before we found out he was a schizo and not politically motivated
Which makes it all the more telling that she would stand on these accusations before motive was established
I would absolutely don an SS uniform and just go off the rails with Silverman. We're talking concussions, missing toes, maybe a new hole or two.
File: Jared_Loughner_USMS.jpg (20 KB, 480x600)
20 KB
>Be me
>make youtube videos of burning the American flag
>Shoot Democratic Senator once and she lived
>Shoot anti-Immigration conservative judge 5 times and he died
>Laugh when everybody thinks Gabby was the target
I wish leftists were as outraged about Muslims murdering scores of people, or raping thousands of girls.

But no, it's all "we need to carry on as if nothing happened." Why can't we do that with Vegas?
The guy who shot Giffords was literally psycho. They had to treat him with anti-psychotics so that he was competent to stand trial, where he plead guilty and was sentenced to a facility for the criminally insane.

This isn't the bullshit of whenever there is a shooter of people saying, "Oh he was distrubed," or "Oh he must have been out of his mind." Laughner was literally a psycho.
This was “the government controls us with grammar” guy right?

Good shit.
File: McCarthy.jpg (121 KB, 1200x675)
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121 KB JPG
Aside: why is this cunt and all like her able to move about freely in a non-Communistic society like the US?
File: Chief_Judge_John_Roll.jpg (153 KB, 400x575)
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153 KB JPG
Daily reminder that John Roll, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Arizona, named to the federal bench by President George H. W. Bush in 1991, was killed in the attack which wounded Giffords, and that he may have been the main target.
the current year is 135,268,211,784 bc
It's almost like the Communist Control Act of 1954 was never enforced or some shit
Garofolo is literally mentall ill. It's long past the time we stopped listening to mentally ill people tell us how things should go.
File: 4x7n.jpg (43 KB, 400x398)
43 KB
>Janeane Garofolo
Oh, you mean THIS Janeane Garofolo?
I agree, the DSM VI should classify liberalism as a mental disorder, we put all of them in an institution with ovens and America will prosper
File: khazaria-10th-century.png (310 KB, 637x483)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Is there some contiguity between ashkeNAZI DNA and Italian DNA?
>Italians, the ashkeNAZI and the Khazar share an historic geographical proximity which cannot be ignored
> b u
>submit a DNA sample
>see the breakdown of your ancestry
>ignore trends ~1000 AD

it wasn't tea party rhetoric, that has been debunked for years. msnbc just started saying it was true and then someone pointed to a map made by some Palin PAC that had some crosshairs over certain states, Arizona being one of them.

That was the extent of the evil conspiracy. which multiple newspapers and media were forced to apologize for.
>let's look at some history together; shall we?
>the Khazar peoples known today as 'Georgians' were wedged between the 'Christian' to their West and Islam to their East and Southeast
>the reason(s) for choosing the Babylonian Talmud and Judaism as a religion satisfied the need to a) be a minority and claim minority status b) to choose any other dogma/doctrine other than Christianity or Islam as a way to avoid minority status and c) to choose the most racist, prejudicial, bigoted dogma/doctrine necessary to set themselves apart from all who were not (((them)))
Let the redpills flow my brothers>>144432441

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