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Things I recall from a Philosophy 101 textbook I had while going to a typical liberal-dominant university:

>Gays are around 3% of the population
>Bisexuals are around 1% of the population
>Gay male brains have very similar anatomy to straight female brains
>Gay female brains have very similar anatomy to straight male brains

B-but I thought there weren't supposed to exist any differences between the two

>Gay male brains have very similar anatomy to straight female brains
>Gay female brains have very similar anatomy to straight male brains

This is false.
>tfw gay mathematician
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7% of millennials are gay:

You read those in a philosophy book?

What the fuck? No wonder 'Murica has shitty school system.
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One of you is shilling me!!!
And as soon as I find out which one, BOTH of you will pay.........
Also all the others....
daily reminder that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that one is "born gay"
all faggots should burn
You can't read minds even with machines.

The studies suggesting similarities in the brains is based on activity in the presence of stimuli such as pornography. Basically just suggesting that gay men are attracted to men much the same as straight women are, which isn't much of a revelation and doesn't suggest that they'll think the same as women in other regards.
File: HappyGayCouple.jpg (213 KB, 960x960)
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Previous studies with magnetic resonance (MR) have shown sex dimorphic features in several brain regions. In general, women are reported to have larger volumes of the hippocampus (Filipek et al. 1994), caudate nucleus (Filipek et al. 1994; Murphy et al. 1996; Giedd et al. 1997, 2006), and the anterior cingulate gyrus (Paus et al. 1996). In contrast, the relative volumes of the amygdala (Raz et al. 1995; Giedd et al. 1997, 2006; Neufang et al. 2009) are found to be larger in men. Studies with VBM indicate that sex dimorphism exists also in regional GM and white matter (WM) volumes. With some exceptions (Goldstein et al. 2001; Carne et al. 2006), men are reported to have larger GM volumes in the mesial temporal lobe, the cerebellum, and lingual gyrus (Good et al. 2001; Carne et al. 2006), whereas several authors detected larger GM volumes in the precentral gyrus, the right inferior parietal, and orbitofrontal cortex in women (Nopoulos et al. 2000; Good et al. 2001; Luders et al. 2005; Luders, Gaser, et al. 2009). There are also reports of larger GM volumes in women in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (Schlaepfer et al. 1995). Finally, sex differences have been found in hemispheric asymmetry. In general, the asymmetry in adults is rightward in the frontal and temporal lobe and leftward in the posterior temporal and occipito-parietal regions (Toga and Thompson 2003). Among studies explicitly comparing the entire hemispheres most, although not all, suggest that the right hemisphere is larger in men (Filipek et al. 1994; Yucel et al. 2001; Kovalev et al. 2003; Carne et al. 2006; Savic and Lindstrom 2008).
Whereas VBM provides explorative analyses of regional gray and WM volumes in the cortex, volumes of the subcortical nuclei are more reliably evaluated with MR volumetry. The 2 methods are, thus, complementary. In the present study, they were employed in tandem to investigate whether cerebral gray and WM fractions, as well as the volume of structures previously suggested to be sex dimorphic may differ between MtF-TR, male, and female controls. Three issues were addressed specifically:
Genetic Evidence of Homosexuality:

Summary of twin studies:



doi: 10.1038/ng1195-248


doi: 10.1017/S0033291714002451

Hamer 1993:





doi: 10.1001/archpsyc.1991.01810360053008



File: GayGenerations.png (471 KB, 1934x1038)
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Straight males carry gay genes:



Fecundity increases in female relatives of male homosexuals:




Scientists find DNA differences between gay men and their straight twin brothers:


A novel predictive model of sexual orientation using epigenetic markers.

Authors: T. C. Ngun [1]; W. Guo [2]; N. M. Ghahramani [3]; K. Purkayastha [1]; D. Conn [4]; F. J. Sanchez [5]; S. Bocklandt [1]; M. Zhang [2,6]; C. M. Ramirez [4]; M. Pellegrini [7]; E. Vilain [1]







Female relatives of gay men have 1.3x as many children:


Androgen receptor gene linked to XQ28



File: 1396046757062.jpg (25 KB, 428x469)
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Gotta love it when libs reveal how racist and sexist they actually are.
>being gay is normal sinc eI think like a woman!
>>and what does that imply?
>You know, I'm more emotional and impulsive like a woman
Where do you come up with this bullshit?
File: GayMillenial2.png (880 KB, 748x1220)
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These have all been proven to be poorly designed/low sample size. Twin studies time and time again show no genetic relationship to being gay. Sorry faggot.
>Based on a GLAAD survey of 2,037 adults

I would think there is a flaw with this survey, as the fact that it was run by a gay advocacy group, which one would assume would attract more homosexuals than a mass market organization, thereby by artificially increasing the gay percentage.

I'm not talking about the current trendy thing about how you "identify"; I'm talking about who you really are regardless of identity.

Twin studies show exactly the opposite of that. Read the actual works I've cited and explain specifically what your issues are.
>The studies suggesting similarities in the brains is based on activity in the presence of stimuli such as pornography.

In the OP post, this finding was based on autopsies of people known to be gay or straight while alive.
File: SampleSize.jpg (96 KB, 600x773)
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Nice opinion.

Post discarded.

Faggots are mentally ill.

Gas yourself kike.

The latest study involves about three times as many people as the previous largest study, which means it is significantly more statistically robust.

Over the past five years, Sanders has collected blood and saliva samples from 409 pairs of gay brothers, including non-identical twins, from 384 families. This compares, for example, with 40 pairs of brothers recruited for Hamer’s study.

The team combed through the samples, looking at the locations of genetic markers called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – differences of a single letter in the genetic code – and measuring the extent to which each of the SNPs were shared by the men in the study.

The only trait unequivocally shared by all 818 men was being gay. All other traits, such as hair colour, height and intelligence, varied by different degrees between each brothers in a pair and between all sets of brothers. Therefore, any SNPs consistently found in the same genetic locations across the group would most likely be associated with sexual orientation.

Only five SNPs stood out and of these, the ones most commonly shared were from the Xq28 and 8q12 regions on the X chromosome and chromosome 8 respectively. But this doesn’t mean the study found two “gay genes”. Both regions contain many genes, and the next step will be to home in on which ones might be contributing to sexual orientation.
File: 1406098756551.jpg (225 KB, 682x600)
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>On a scale of zero to six, where zero signified "completely straight" and six meant "completely homosexual," more than a third of the young demographic chose a number between one and five, indicating that they were bisexual to some degree. Only 24 percent of their older counterparts identified this way.

>implying that is even remotely scientific
>implying that even an honest way to report those meaningless results
>implying you fags won't be eradicated within a few years
>Gas yourself kike.
If I were a kike, why would I say that non-heterosexuals are only 4% of the population instead of 25% like the (((media))) implies?
To convince the Goy you are on his side?
Wouldn't that we a good thing that more gay men showed up? So that their are more gay men to be examined?

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