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Also heard rumors the jap that bought 4chinz was hated by 2chinz for selling users' data to companies. Proofs?
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sort of the whole point of the google captcha is to mine data / get humans to help computer identify things in images. This helps googles machine learning initiative.

It's from some professor at Carnegie mellon, his whole thing is to get humans to assist computers in tasks. Such as machine translation, often times they get the syntax wrong so programs like duolingo mine your answers as "correct syntax" so the machine learns.

The same professor started this captcha thing, it just helps computers in identifying stuff in pictures and the larger the pool the computer has the more accurate the image ID system will be. There may be other google products tracking your info on this site, but the captcha is mostly just gamified computer corrections.
>Do google ... track your info???

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Cheers. Hmm, any suggestions for staying truly anonymous? I don't do anything bad, and am not retarded enough to make threats like >>144413335, but I'm just wondering about how to be smart. It's very likely with (((Google)))'s SJW infestation that all the offensive shit we say will get leaked at some point, like Troll Trace. I've already committed to not giving a fuck by being here, but just in case I change my mind and want to do a gud boy job, how can cover my ass?
>I heard Opera Web Browser has a free VPN...
>Also switched my default search engine to duckduckgo but it's quite shit.

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