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I hate democracy /pol/, Czech elections are coming up and there's not a single proper strong right-wing party running or with any chance to get in.
Just vote for the most eurosceptic
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What would you have wanted to be in youth if you were to decide now? I like this:

The nickname "Marutei". Hair combed neatly but in semicool style. The collar is actually inside the straight pants. I would sit in the House of Representatives of Japan and I would have the impression that I was good at politics, but I did not like it, with comments like "Good Shinzō Abe, almost fukushima, tsemi!"

In Izakaya, I would place the octopus alive and follow the discussion. Anyway, I would put somebody in the comment, and others would say that "hmm! Was not realized before!".

The Japs should make me a conservative, somewhat mysterious.
ANO- Slovakian thief and mogul Babiš
ČSSD- Left
KSČM- commies
ODS- "right-wing"
SPD- dumb populists
Piráti- cancerous ex-ANTI-FA, in previous years completely irrelevant, now with adds EVYFUCKINGWHERE i go in person or on the internet
TOP 09- "center" actually left
KDU-ČSL- christians, left wing, stupid cunts
STAN- irrelevant, left wing
Zelení- green party, do I need to explain?
Svobodní- who?
Realisté- seemingly right wing, baseless populism if you look deeper into their program

It's all fucking shit
The most eurosceptic are the dumb populists who just want money for themselves, unfortunately.

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