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What's with the 2000 character limit?

It's way too small, I was trying to get a /general/ post in here earlier and tried shortlinking all of the links because it gone over the limit. Even when I did that and submitted under 2000 characters it just said "Error: too many lines".

We need to fix this, /pol/. A 10,000 character limit should be good enough.
Yeah this is the most bullshit thing about this site. Even /news/ only has a 2000 character limit and they encourage you to copy the full text of articles. It's a pain in the ass. Good luck trying to do anything about it though.
Oh, also this was probably parly implemented to stop shit like ASCII horsecock from spanning the entire front page, but shit like that doesn't really happen anymore because of other code they put to prevent it so there's really no sense in having such short character limits.
>complains about character limit
>doesn't even come close to reaching it.

It's so that if you feel compelled to make a big verbose thread you have to actually put thought into formatting multiple posts/selecting relevant images for all of them etc.

this is a better place because of it.

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