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File: GOP Sucks.png (3 KB, 241x209)
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California just passed a law giving jail time to people who don't use the right gender pronouns.

California just passed a law legalizing intentionally spreading HIV and hiding status before sex.

The GOP does nothing on these huge fucking issues. Literally some of the craziest and most leftist laws ever passed in America and the GOP KEK party is sitting on their fucking hands. Doing jack shit to fight it. Fuck republican party cucks.
Lol let California go to shits, they are a blue state for the rest of eternity, why would the GOP care?
Too busy shitting into DEPENDS while cucking around.

Because of the culture you dumbfuck. Spreading this, blasting this, will turn people away from Democrat party culture.
File: IMG_3625.jpg (42 KB, 640x853)
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>Make terrible laws
>People don't want to move there
>Others want to move out
>California fills up with niggers and mudslimes
>Terrorists start to hit places like Hollywood
>Liberal celebrities are forced to recognize the attacks and take action
>If not, people from other states start to point where they leave America
>California fails
>Everyone dies there
Please let that happen
politics is a scam anyway. you'll find no salvation there.

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