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Predictions for 2020

In three years, Trump will have won over millions of people on the fence who bought the bullshit in 2016 that he'd be a tyrant/demagogue/racist/joke-celebrity-candidate/insane/etc. Because let's face it, he definitely isn't any of those even in /pol/ would want him to be.

He will also add many Generation Z supporters who will be able to vote for the first time in their life. They will be a "Trump Youth" like how the 1980s had a "Reagan Youth."

The only ones who'll vote for the Democrats are the screeching, histrionic, violent, race-gender-sexuality obsessed minority. I used to think that he'll lose the bluest of states like Vermont and Massachusetts, but even people in those states will be tired of the extreme left, especially given the fact that they have to deal with them more than people in a state like West Virginia The only strong Democratic 'state' will be Washington D.C because of its high black population, but it'll be the best GOP performance in that city.

California will go red once they're forced to institute proper voter ID laws. There are millions of Republican voters in Cali, many of whom didn't bother voting in 2016 because there was no point. New York will go red because upstate and Long Island and Staten Island are already red, and will go redder. There are also many people in NYC (the ones who aren't frothing at the mouth leftists) who will realize that Trump really is pretty decent at the very least. The New England states will go red because of young Trumpyouth voters in college rebelling against their leftist caretakers.

and I'm making this thread from the perspective of someone who lives in NYC. I know a few who are already realizing Trump is actually not as bad as they thought.

And I also know quite a few people born in 1995-1998 (considered Gen Z by some) who voted for Trump in New York fuckin City
File: Daniel.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
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>less white people
>less boomers
>more young brainwashed reaching age of voting
>more asians, mexicans, and indians/pakis

bye bye drumpftlets
Is their any proof for the gen z meme other than the "Hispanic heritage Foundation" poll?
He might edge over NH or Maine
I've never voted in my life but after all this shitstorm liberal hysteria degenerate bullshit and pizzagate, I'm likely going to vote for Trump (depending on who else is running)

a lot of minorities support Trump and many who don't right now will eventually do


Yes. Talk to them.


And there will be millions just like you
how delusional can you 16 year old trump dick suckers get
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>the minorities support trump meme
>Trump announces he's made America great again
>Retires without running for a second term
>This will cement his fame and be the ultimate bitch slap to liberals who are (still) calling him a fascist
>Mattis 2020-2028

most of them don't, but all it takes is a large enough percentage of minorities + white voters to make a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE difference
>Democrats still have no platform aside from "at least we aren't like those guys" and continue doubling down on neoliberalism and progressivism
>Hollywood, Silicon Valley, CNN and other left-wing titans are still doubling down and being even more fanatical than before
>normies, centrists, and average voters further alienated and turned off from the progressive agenda shoved in their faces 24/7 by Hollywood, CNN, Google, Youtube, etc.
>Hillary Clinton still grandstanding on Twitter, harming the DNC's chances of further political gains
>Generation Zyklon projected to be the most right-wing generation yet and they will vote in droves come 2020
>Trump still deporting illegals all over the country, bleeding out some illegal votes for the Dems in future elections

You tell me, /pol/.
How things are looking for the left?

Compared to Republicans in the past you moron
I am fucking gen z you mong
Talk to normies one in a while
i got trump with 270
lol a Republican winning California will never happen.
Too many left wing retards

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