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File: goebbels.jpg (85 KB, 850x400)
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>Be me
>Be an ignorant libtard, 3 years ago, before Charlie Hebdo
>Be happy, be patriotic, believe (more and less) to (((multiculturalism))), be a so-called civic nationalist, but think that european federalism is good
>Didnt have a mind on political issues, followed the mind of the (((media)))
>Think that the kikes were the friends of the West
>Be a 3rd Reich hater, think that Hitler was a monster
>Be Charlie on January 2015
>#NotAllMuslim, believe that the muslims were peaceful
>Still be tolerant, ignorant, "open-minded"
>11/13, Bataclan, watching France-Allemagne, and during the match, a bomb explodes
>Tomorrow, same reactions, with some questionnements after the terrorists attacks
>Still, justify the terrorist attacks as a response to the imperialism of western civilization in middle east
>2016 : year of the redpilling
>Be a far-right french forum member, getting slowly redpilled.
>Adopt, slowly but surely, the far right ideals : no immigration, true nationalism, sovereignism...
>Become slowly a "fachist", "racist". Starting to defend yourself and justify this, because you dont like to be insulted of fachist/racist/xenophobic
>Realize that multiculturalism, tolerance, will kill your country
>Rediscover your country on new angle : no decadence, no nigger, full white, France with Charles de Gaulle
>Watch your german brothers getting destroyed by Frau Multikulti
>Election of Trump in US, one of the most beautiful day of your life since your redpilling
>2017 : realize that the kikes have some responsability of whats happening to your country
>Realize that your country is one of the most invaded by niggers/sandniggers/muslims in Europe
>Realize that the situation is even worse than you could imagine
>Realize that migrant crisis isn't a (((cohencidence)))
>Realize that the kikes hate you, that they want to mix you with subhumans niggers and muslims, that they want to destroy your country
File: adolfbd.png (1.1 MB, 804x555)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>Realize that during your highschool you were indoctrinated, brainwashed with tolerance and no-border propaganda
>Realize that the world is on war against your people, you, and your europeans brothers
>Come more often to /pol/
>Realize that they were right about everything
>French election : your people electing the kikes chosen man, Macron
>Marine Le Pen got only 11 millions votes
>Getting depressed
>Watching your country progressively invaded by 3rd world
>Watching leftists still thinking that multiculturalism is good
>Realize that even after 50 years of leftism and multiculti pols from french gov since De Gaulle, french for most of them are still dumbass
>Getting despaired about the fate of your people and your country
>Feeling totally powerless about the events in your country
>Feeling powerless against the power of the kikes
>Realize that the laws, your own people, your own governement is against you
>Realize that your country with your europeans brothers, the world is against you, everyone unit against you
>Realize that was everything that Hitler tried to prevent this
>Still, watching your country slowly dying
>Still, watching the white people in most country getting extinct
>The burden of reality on your mind
>The burden of truth
>Be redpilled
>Be me

Help me /pol/. I'm feeling so fucking bad. What can i do ? What can we do ? Is there still hope for us ?
Is there anything to do about it ?
What did we do to deserve this, white people ?
Why ?
I'm lost. What are we fighting for ? What is our goal ?
Help me my brothers. Dont care if you dont like the french, but now all whites are my brothers right now.
Help me.
File: napoleon-i-9420291-2-402.jpg (242 KB, 1200x1200)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Vive Napoleon!

Sorry if i make many mistakes, i was a dickhead in english at highschool
Napoleon, Louis XIV, Charles De Gaulle, the greatest men of France's history.
Depends. The only thing that will bring about change is cooperation. The muh melanin meme needs to die first though but isn't likely since most idiots mistake tribalism for racism hence the meme.
Nobody gives a shit. Stop being a whiny, scared bitch and live your life to the best of your ability
Not sure why Napoleon wasn't sung in the anthem.....
Tell your friends and family and get them to understand. That's probably the best a regular guy can do.
>realize that you're just another nobody that won't do anything about what's happening besides greentext and whine here
>be you
I'm student and this year i've got a lot of work, still next year i'll try my best to do so.
We see so many thing about this here, so many guys telling "it's lost there is nothing to do about it we have lost this a long time ago"
It's too late frenchbro. We went past the point of no return a long, long time ago. The decay was taking place in Europe long before WW2. Remember: over 100 million people died in WW2. Africa is projected to rise to 4 billion by 2050 and there's nothing we can really do to stop them from pouring into Europe. There's also far too many here already.

The only plausible outcome I can see from all this is nuclear war
File: sleeping_giant_cartoon.jpg (699 KB, 1800x1279)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
There's still hope.

Only about 6 million jews live in isreal, and they got their own ethnic state.. doing quite well I might add- doing their part to destroy white countries.

Whitey could easily get red-pilled enough to start their own ethnostate

One day whitey just might wake up
>We see so many thing about this here, so many guys telling "it's lost there is nothing to do about it we have lost this a long time ago"

Pipe down, souchien.

Feels good knowing Muslims are taking over France and that beurs are fucking your precious white women lol.

France is the country which is most Zionist. You deserve everything you get, white dog. Stop crying about Muslims, you should be thankful after what you did to Algeria and the Maghreb. I spit on Charles de Gaulle.
Just cut immigration from Africa.
File: fuckingleaf.png (354 KB, 585x1500)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
what a great way to make people not treat you seriously
File: IMG_1019.jpg (45 KB, 632x752)
45 KB
The trouble is, if this push for a white ethnostate happens on a big enough scale, it's inevitibly going to escalate to a full blown civil war. Those whites who demand the ethnostate will be labelled by non-whites, Jews, and white liberals as 'racists' and will refuse to allow it. Then once that ball starts rolling we're going to see Conservative/liberal whites picking sides in the secession. Imagine an American civil war but in reverse.
File: 1506168870252.jpg (166 KB, 1024x663)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
FranceBro there is some things you can do, it's tough but it's better to fight the good fight and stand by your convictions than die a slave to the system.
>Find other like minded people, across ALL generations.
>Form close knit groups with these people, your people. Commence with group activities, be subtle, be old-fashioned in your techniques of organizing some form of resistance group. (no social-media trap)
>Get fit, help your people get fit, get smart, help your people get smart.
>Try to redpill as many people as possible, be subtle about it, but do your best. You are planting the seeds of doubt in the normies head, they WILL come round at some point when they've lost something, or everything.
>Find a QT French waifu who supports YOU, don't hide your true self, and don't aim for 10/10 bimbo sluts. They will get you nowhere. Find a traditional woman, they're hard to find, but they are out there, believe me.
>Don't fall for the banking/credit Jew. Live within your means.
>Prepare for the collapse. It is coming and you, your close-knit community of people need to be prepared to band together when shit hits the fan.
>When Mother Europa calls for your aid, answer it. Do not run away. Fight and others will fight with you.
Most importantly French Anon: Wait for the collapse to come, or help the collapse commence. Most people won't say this, but our movement, our society, NEEDS martyrs who stand up against the system. This doesn't mean killing innocent people like the sandniggers. This means standing up for YOUR society, YOUR convictions, against (((their))) ZOG game. You're in France, a homebase for the Rothschilds. See what you and other redpilled Frenchmen can do to really fuck with their shit. They need to be exposed. Bring them to the light.

Band together with your brothers and sisters, when the Fall comes, your group of redpilled warriors will be a source of stability that the normies will flock to that the State cannot provide.
Become a serial killer that hunts jews and niggers. WE should all do this.
File: lim.png (928 KB, 1246x900)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
>>When Mother Europa calls for your aid, answer it. Do not run away. Fight and others will fight with you.
Always man. I can die 1,2,3,4 and 5 or even 6 times for the motherland.

But yeah i know what you mean, a big collapse, a major world economic crisis. I heard about it from an other french anon.
Will it happen for real, that the question.
And when.
File: paris metro.jpg (381 KB, 1414x610)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
>Help me /pol/. I'm feeling so fucking bad. What can i do ? What can we do ? Is there still hope for us ?
>Is there anything to do about it ?
>What did we do to deserve this, white people ?
>Why ?

Even if you disconnect from all the political news, reality will remind you that your nation was already lost, everything your ancestors did is for nothing as you all get replaced by foreign, less intelligent hordes of brown midgets brought in as cheap labor and debt slaves by the neoliberal elites that only care about their own profit and warped anti-white ideology.

File: 1506189247981.jpg (547 KB, 1600x900)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
We can wait for it, sure. And it may happen if we wait long enough. Or there's the alternative:

Make it happen.
Thanks man.
Actually, i'm a bit busy, coz of works, studies, shit like this, next year i will have more time for this. And i will do this.
File: 1507271373785.jpg (243 KB, 1024x685)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
>what can I do?
Grow a pair, that would be a good start
>Make it happen
How. That's the question right now, how ?
>Those whites who demand the ethnostate will be labelled by non-whites, Jews, and white liberals as 'racists' and will refuse to allow it.
Make sure to have some mole on the left that supports it on the basis of not having to live together with racists anymore.

How could they even argue against this?

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