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Semi-popular, Australian youtuber supports the Humanity Party. Why don't you?

Whatsa matta, bruddah? Can't handle the Jamester? Throw another shrimp on the barbay! That's not a knife! Fosters!
well, i'm outta hee-ah. time for a walk about. maybe i'll eat some shrimp thrown on the barbay and maybe even a fosters Australian beer.

>Semi-popular, Australian youtuber
Jesus Christ
I read their constituiton (http://archive.is/j3VXB)
Most stupid thing I've ever heard
>abolishing federalism, for literally no purpose
File: disparityofpower.png (111 KB, 300x549)
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There are great advantages in unifying all States into one people, indivisible.This law will unify and centralize political power in a Federal government, with the group of people that it represents identified as the Republic of America. “Republic” has always represented a government where the power rests solely with the people, by the people electing representatives that recognize, support, and do the people’s will. Current governments are run by the will of politicians who look out for their own personal interests or the interests of the constituency in their home State that do not necessarily reflect the interests of the majority of citizens in the rest of the States.

The current Constitution allows politicians elected by one State to hold more power and exercise more authority than other equally elected politicians. It allows Congress to assign its own, usually seasoned (multi-term) politicians, to chair powerful committees, even though less-tenured and newer representatives might represent a larger number of people.

Here is a graphic example to illustrate this disparity of power:

States’ rights and power have caused many (if not most) of the social problems experienced by Americans. The most conservative States in the Union, which have a smaller population than other, more liberal States, wield a greater power in Congress and cause political gridlock, many times inciting prejudice and threatening the right that all humans are created equal. It was a hard fight to convince the Congress of 1862 to abolish slavery; the Congress of 1964 to abolish segregation; and we currently are experiencing some States fighting against homosexual protection and equal liberties. All of these seemingly humane acts that should be obvious, were stalled and fought against by the constitutional rights of States. This new constitutional proposal eliminates the probabilities of inhumane government policies continuing in society because of the minority.
Hey Nemelka how are you doing
I'm not Chris.

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