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Was Sirner truly Redpilled for his time?

Pic related is a page in "The Ego and His Own."

Below is an excerpt on the page if the file is too small.

>The Christian has spiritual interests, because he allows himself to be a spiritual man; the Jew does not even understand these interests in their purity, because he does not allow himself to assign no value to things. He does not arrive at pure spirituality, a spirituality such as is religiously expressed, for instance, in the faith of Christians, which alone (without works) justifies. Their unspirituality sets Jews forever apart from Christians; for the spiritual man is incromphensible to the unspiritual, as the unspiritual is contemptible to the spiritual. But the Jews have only "the spirit of this world."

Stirner then goes on to why the Greeks then craved spirituality and Christianity and how it inevitably overtook the society.
We'll the file has failed me and everybody else but I'm glad I had typed the excerpt.

Feel free to answer my question as well as discuss other political beliefs relevant to The Ego and His Own.
>larps as stirner
>hasn't even finished reading his signature novel
what a meme
Leftypol gtfo and take your retarded postmodernism with you, you will never meme it here successfully
You have lost the culture war for the imageboards
I'm sorry, did I say I hadn't finished? Just posting an excerpt early in the book.
I'm only asking a simple question. I'm not memeing or shitposting.

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