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ISIS invaded Iraq, the Iraqi cowards threw down their weapons and ran, the Kurds marched towards them


Why do I give a fuck about any brown people? I say we throw them all out of the american continent, guard our four borders like hawks, and let brown people the world over, Kikes, kurds, arabs, persians, and Europeans included, all kill each other.
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Only Jared Taylor can save the huwhite race
Saddam should have killed them all
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>give Israel more airbases
No thanks. I’m with Iran. Death to the Jews, the race of murderers.
kurds religion is and old satanic tradition, they are feminist to the bone, they believe god is a duality of feminine and masculine, like jews do.

I was born and raised in Tennessee, I'm American, but it was our people who fought ISIS, not the Iraqi military which our government spent tens of millions training

Show some respect, we keep saying "no boots on the ground", our people ARE YOUR BOOTS ON THE GROUND!


I don't know what that means, but we have no problem with Western countries


We fought for independence, not for the fun of killing. There is a clear difference, we want no trouble, we have oppressed anyone, nor will we accept oppression from anyone. When Baghdad called on us to penetrate Mosul, we marched to fight without question.


I'm happy you think this is funny when in fact, my country in currently in turmoil. We have no problem with you in Austria or anywhere in the West, we want to be free in our own land, support us.
same lol. death to all Israeli. murder their young. work their old till dead.

This isn't true, we're by and large secular Sunni, the Yazidis are Kurds, but separated from us hundreds of years ago and practice their own religion. We know nothing about them, but when they needed protection from ISIS, we came to Sinjar and trained them to defend themselves after we pulled out.

And support Israeli grand strategy? I don't think so jidf.

We have no problem with Israel, we respect Israel, they wanted the land and they fought for it. We are trying to accomplish the same for our people.

You would actually LOVE our country. We are not religious psychopaths, we are very open to Western culture, we are friendly and hospitable, you would never feel more free than in Kurdistan, in fact, I would say we insure more social freedom than any other group of people in the entire middle east.


This is a vetern Peshmerga, look at what he says to Israel


There is no strategy, they just understand that we mean no harm to them, in fact, we mean no harm to ANYONE

in kurdish, there is a saying "the kurd has no friends except the mountains"

We have no friends, so when any nation or person supports our cause, of course we are grateful and respond accordingly

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