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Everybody I talk to seems to dislike my views.I can't seem to understand why?I got into a discussion about equality. Mainly about women equality. My problem is, is that what some consider equality, is more of superiority. I've seen it throughout today's society and it makes me disappointed. My argument was that although women aren't 100% equal to men, people are trying to make it happen. I also explained that we should also get rid of the prejudices set years ago to help us move forward. The examples I used included simple ones, such as we shouldn't expect men to pay for dates, and we shouldn't expect women to do the dishes. Is it sexist to use these as examples? I later mentioned pop stars that exploit their sexuality for success. I have nothing wrong with looking at a beautiful person. If that's the only thing they do to gain money, to have people view them and worship them as objects, I wouldn't want my kids growing up thinking that's right. I want someone to love another for who they are. I mean with me I prefer to be with someone I find somewhat physically and mentally attractive. Sadly, we can't help physical attraction, because that's how all animals are. All animals are hard wired to favor many traits of another. But humans value things that have no contribution towards survival, we value personality, and the thoughts of one another, mainly because we are so social. It's not bad to favor physical appearance. Think of any animal in the wild. They tend to do many things to get a mate, whether it's to alter their appearance, mating calls, or a to be a superior fighter. It's the same with humans. Whether we put on a face of masculinity, workout, or even style our hair. It's not bad to favor physical appearance, I don't believe us as a society, should use that as the only reason to accept one as a mate. Help me understand where I am in the wrong.

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