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Alright /pol/. I have finally seen into the light you have been shining on the Jews and how they are behind all the degenerate bullshit in our country. They are trying to undermine the traditional American values that I love. They run all of Hollywood and the MSM and look at the shit they promote. Look at the TV shows and how they portray the White middle class Dad as the bumbling idiot. And in the media all the anti-white, anti-American propaganda they spew. When I was reading Mein Kampf, Hitler talked about the Jewish papers were printing anti-German propaganda when he was in Vienna. We have the same thing today in America. They run the media and promote ant-American pro-Communist ideals as back then. They see themselves as a race and not white as they look. They also don't really marry outside of their race but a white christian male who tells his kids he wants them to marry a white Christian partner is a bigot according to the Jew run media.

Now there are some Jews that I like. Very conservative constitutionalist that I admire. In fact he even said that the holocaust was partly the Jews fault because they didn't fight back. That to me is some red pill shit. The Jews and the Holocaust I will pen another paper on one day and post here at a later date. From what I see is the Jew is only out to enrich the Jew and damn the rest. Now just because I call them out for what they do, it doesn't mean I want them dead. But in order to beat them at their game we must first know our enemies. And it's funny how Liberal Jews in the US will throw their homeland Israel under the bus. Kinda mind boggling.
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>And it's funny how Liberal Jews in the US will throw their homeland Israel under the bus. Kinda mind boggling.

That is because there are essentially two types of Jews: Zionists and Communists. This dichotomy goes all the way back. Read Winston Churchill's article "Zionism vs Bolshevism: the struggle for the soul of the Jewish people", it outlines it perfectly.


But here's the thing: the ones who claim to be anti-Zionist or pro-Zionist can always flipflop later. And vice-versa. When the need arises. And in fact many Bolshevists later went on to become ardent Zionists and fled to Israel when Soviet Russia turned on them.
Thanks Anon.

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