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>I'm so funny and counter culture, That's why I enforce all of the leftist elites opinions in my "comedy" skits XDDDD
>It's not Islam, its religion!!!! XDDDD
>no one ever died in the name of Atheism (apart from that one time, millions of people died in the name of Atheism in communist countries) XDDDDD
>dude how could you be against mass immigration, you're an immigrant your self fuck off back to Europe XDDDDDDD
>you defeat hate with love XDDDDD
>if you kill your enemies they win XDDDDDDD
>love Trump's hate XDDDDS
>by the way did I said "cunt"?
>I know I'm so funny and original XDDD
File: jared taylor (2).jpg (12 KB, 369x325)
12 KB
Watch some Jared Taylor. He is really funny. You will piss your pants
his Alcoholocaust special was alright but other than that he's a faggot and North Americans only find him funny because of the accent.
>gets home invaded and beaten up
>doesn't get why people want guns
Australians shouldn't be allowed to talk about freedom anyway those sun dried faggots shamefully gave up their guns a long time ago

Its love trumps hate, as in love is more powerful than hate, not love "Trump's" hate that doesn't even make sense.

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