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NFL ticket prices have plummeted by a percentage never seen before following the outcry over the national anthem protests by the spoiled rich ball tossers. An analysis by CNBC found that,

“ticket prices during the first three games of the 2017 season enjoyed a 20-40 percent increase over last year, but then skidded in Week 4 and actually dropped by 2 percent in Week 5.

The timing coincides perfectly with the uproar following President Trump’s criticism of the protests on Sept. 22, which prompted nearly 200 players to sit or take a knee during the national anthem in the Sept. 24-25 games in Week 3.”
sorry i forgot the link of the source : http://freedomdaily.com/nfl-road-bankruptcy-released-protests/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
fake news but the NFL does have a few problems namely their biggest potential market, California, has largely stopped caring about them. CA's only good NFL team is leaving for Vegas meanwhile the 49ers and Rams have shit stadiums and don't play as good as college ball. This has a major affect, since 40 million Californians represent a lot of lost revenue.

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It really needs to be stressed how the bay area teams blew it, leaving the NFL without a team in America's most prosperous urban area. It's not that everyone there is a faggot liberal, it's that the only good team is moving to Vegas and the remaining team has an awful stadium and can't win. Then there is the Kapernick issue that most sane people do not care about, so when it's reported on the front page of the Sports section they flip to baseball, basketball or hockey.

The SJ Mercury has good coverage on this, because local voters paid for the stadium like the chumps they are:




Meanwhile college football prices and attendance hold steady. The fact is the NFL has not done a good job promoting themselves in California, the good team left, and the stadiums are fucking awful. It's just not a fun experience. And added on to the top of this, the Oakland Coliseum is fed by the nearby BART Coliseum station which has had three """"""""youth""""""""""" mob attacks in it this year. BART refuses to do anything because liberals, so weekend ridership tanks as people choose to stay home due to safety concerns.

also you might want to try this thread on /sp/
How fucking stupid do you have to be to get your news from this website? Where the fuck did you even find this? On page 6494638 of Google? You fucking idiot.
If I'm not mistaken isn't it BART that refuses to release evidentiary video surveillance because it might "cause racism"?
>the only good team is moving to Vegas
>good team
jesus christ, keep raiders fans away from vegas

Yes but also because everyone involved were minors. But the people who did need to see it - local school administrators - did. Not that it did much because they didn't report their own students to police, who wouldn't even bother arresting them because the DA won't prosecute. BART themselves could prosecute in a state court but they are extremely leery of doing that since the Mesherle shooting caused the remaining niggers in Oakland to loathe them. And they don't need to do anything because techie cucks will continue tolerating it.

....which is bemusing to witness because the Amtrak train that runs adjacent (the Capitol Corridor) has very good security through the railroad police. For example after the Mesherle shooting niggers shut down all the local highways and BART for about three hours but only managed to keep Amtrak down for about fifteen minutes. Amtrak also prosecutes offenders in federal courts.

the stereotypical raider fan has already burned all his gear and will take revenge by spitting on techies food at the mcdonalds they work at
>dropped by 2%

On last year's prices for that week or on the prices of the previous few weeks?
Thanks for the info
So ticket prices are up 38% from last year? How is a 2% drop after a 40% gain a big deal?
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People are waking up to the fact that football is little more than thinly veiled homosexuality. Nobody wants to see that shit. The anti-Americanism bullshit is just what's putting it over the edge.
They won't stop until the sponsors leave. Make them bail on the NFL and watch them staple an "I LOVE USA" sticker on every player so fast your head will spin
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my personal web spider is monitoring the whole internet and i have found everything about you .... cuck sucker

do you want a sample ?

Their KANG QB will surely help the situation.
what a fucking stupid article

better than the santa clara 49ers
lmao yeah that's true.
>niners play 50 miles away from SF
>raiders didn't move back to LA and are leaving to Vegas to take any remaining LA fanbase left
>rams have a shady history and has been anahiem's team more than LA
>chargers moving out of SD which destroyed their entire fanbase

To be fair LA was never a pro football city I would know I've lived here for 27 years but the raiders were undeniably "the" team of LA and they're moving out of state
Probably why they want a London team.

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