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The "Sven always interrupts Mike" meme is for petty faggots. He knows his roll and plays it better than anyone in the alt right. He also takes the bantz like a pro and has areas of expertise that Mike doesn't because he wasn't ever a leftist. Mike doesn't give a fuck how much you suck his dick so give it a rest. They're each aware of their different personalities but It does seem awkward lately because of these shit tier comments that are everywhere, but maybe they're just creating drama for the show. Something O&A might do. They're putting together a body of work and critics of the content should be thankful for how far it's come and the moves they're making. They're clearly strategizing their future on the inside so be patient.
I don't think this thread is going to get much traction my fellow aryan masterbrother.
On 4chan, TRS is like reddit.
Meaning, everyone pretends they don't go there.
Is this a new pasta? Who gives a fuck, it's annoying when they talk over each other like autists but that's what happens when you do a podcast over internet.

They should do fewer shows but do them with both of them in the same room, in a proper studio.
Hey Sven, why don't you fuck off and start embodying the ideals you racist liberals preach?
Heil Marx
People actually complain about this? Mike and Sven both complement each other well and know they're strengths and weaknesses. Alex is the one who always chimes in with dumb comments add nothing to the topic and Mike has to pretend to humour him.

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