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Look, before I say anything Slavs are tolerable and half of the Anglos are OK. Those goddamn Euroshits and Europoors piss me off! They act like we White Americans aren't white! We are! Just because our country has a ton of shitskins doesn't mean we became degenerate and bred with them. Do Aussies have Aborigine blood? No! Do Afrikaaners have black blood? Probably not! No way my family who have lived in rural Pennsylvania interbreed with Blacks. Interracial Marriage has was banned post-1967! I also hate them supporting stupid socialist bullshit like anti-gun laws and muslim immigration. I am sick of Europe's bullshit and I hope Putin assrapes Merkel.
too wuss to reply Eurofucks!
Didnt read anything but im sure that you are a faggot.

>inb4 USA the most degenerate country of this world.

Thread archived.
You know what I think, ameribro? I think we should stop hating eachother for what our governments and their useful idiots do and say. European establishment blows. Fuck the EU, NATO, Merkel, Orwellian UK, Swedish commiefeminists etc. Fuck em all. It is we, the people, that will preserve what is great about both America and Europe. Never forget. Never forgive. Be a man, find a good wife and have many children and raise them right.
Why would Putin assrape anything? His domestic policy is pure trash compared to the "chess master" moves you read in the news. He got outplayed hard in Chechnya and personally opened the biggest mosque in Europe. He opened the borders to the central Asian equivalent to America's Mexico or Europe's North Africa. He is literally more pro-Islam than Merkel, Blair, Trudeau combined

You're completely ignorant to the realities of Putinism, and that's part of the problem. Whites worldwide have no connection to each other. Some unoriginal faggot on /pol/ posting the 52% meme face doesn't represent a British or French white.

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