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File: brave n shit.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
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>I do agree on is that it's natural for women to have bodyhair. Some women have more than others and it's normal. Any real man recognizes this and understands this in Europe.

Are you a real man /pol/, are you?

You're drunk aren't you?
File: Gillz2.jpg (70 KB, 1022x682)
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Am I a real man? Yes but I work on myself and I expect women to do the same. Every man and every women should look like pic related.
File: Gillz.jpg (58 KB, 700x450)
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That's the wrong Gillz picture

I agree that men should work out but that's too tumescent and hypertrophied for me. I know that /fit/ crossposters will pile in to lmao at me like I'm not a seasoned lifter but I've never ever liked this cheesy bodybuilder look. Gymnasts, martial artists and boxers look best imo.
File: Ab1.jpg (72 KB, 450x595)
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I mean yeah obviously, as long as you eat healthy, can run for a while and can lift your own body weight you're pretty much fine.
You should always strive to eat healthier and better your endurance and strength though.
This is more traditional than whores with makeup on
>lift your own body weight
Who except of an American can't lift their own body weight? That's pathetic.
Its just hair, it’s a non issue, you’ll end up attracting someone who either doesn’t mind it or likes it.
Now let's see her cunt. Love a shaggy carpet.
File: spagedom.png (449 KB, 540x540)
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So bitch is bothered that body hair is considered unattractive or not feminine? I wonder what she thinks about yellow teeth? After all white in not THE natural color of teeth. There's nothing wrong with people preferring pearly whites, yes? So what's wrong with men who prefer smooth legs? Absolutely fucking nothing.
It's not society that's scared. It's her. She needs
thicker skin and to stop giving this much of a fuck.

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