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One in three men would be interested in having sex with a robot, if it was technically possible and would feel real, according to a survey conducted by YouGov in Germany.
Women were less interested in the idea, with just a fifth of women who responded to the poll saying they could imagine having sex with a robot.
The data about possible sexual relationships with robots was gathered as part of a wider survey looking at German attitudes to sex.
It found that Germans are 'very ready' to try new sexual experiences.

To be fair, most Germans are indistinguishable from robots
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Now this is interesting:

>Many said an expectation of monogamy was unrealistic, with 40 percent of men and 28 percent of women saying that humans are not suited to be monogamous.

Are male sluts the real problem?
Bend over faggots ! Robbie has this

Yeah, I'd do it, but the sex bot would need to be able to do plenty of non-sex tasks if I'm going to lay down the serious amount of cash it would cost for one.

If it was a complete domestic care package w/ nurse and accountant features? Then yeah, I'd buy one, maybe two. And proceed to do dirty... dirty things..
lol men have had higher sex drives than women for literally the entirety of human existance. Of course there are more male "sluts", its just that men who have a lot of sex with strangers don't wear out and get stuck with a lot of kids like women

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