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>tfw A Well Regulated Militia is not necessary to the security of a free state, as evidenced by the existence of states as free as the US with stricter gun control, or no militia presence at all. Hell, given the lower levels of police/political violence, the lower instances of interpersonal violence, and less fear of their fellow man, there exists significantly more felt freedom in other developed nations whereas the US defines itself by its own fear. Fear of muslims, fear of government, fear of each other, fear of the unknown.

Defend yourselves, 2Acucks.
>as evidenced by the existence of states as free as the US with stricter gun control, or no militia presence at all
>implying they're free

>They don't have guns

Never mind free elections, freedom of association, freedom of employment, diversity of government parties representing actual nonmonied interests, freedom from political persecution, lack of state-sponsored murder...

No guns, no freedom, right?
>fear of guns

your whole dribble is barely readable, putting more words into it doesnt just make it better, faggot.
Yeah but the only americans defending the 2nd amendment are the same bootlickers that would never ever fight against the govt because that would be unpatriotic. Face reality burger head - the intended americans the forefathers left the second amendment for do not exist, and haven't for a long long time. The idea that any american would start shooting down congress members as a means of enacting the second amendment is ludicrous, and ironically if it ever happened, it would be treated as terrorism.
>republican congressman shot by leftist
>vegas shooter most likely commie (shots at rednecks)

it seems what we need to do is ban commies and leftards from having guns

Of course it would be treated as terrorism. A revolution is only ever justified by its own success. Anything less is just treason. See the American Civil War. Or any civil war.

I agree with you, though. If Americans actually had the balls to rebel against their government instead of just jacking to the idea of it, it would have happened. Now it's a bunch of fetishists trying to justify their hobby through bullshit power fantasies, and people are dying for it.

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