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Is it easy to lie on a resume I have a 3 year gap from being a NEET so I asked some friends if I could put down fake jobs and put their names and numbers down and they said sure. I feel like I'll never get hired with such a huge GAP unless I lie.
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You should watch some Jared Taylor
He can save the huwhite race

Multi-Business owner here.

There is no federal database to prove you have or haven't worked, that is available to the public. It is voluntary information, which is why (((you))) put it on your application.

Why do you feel like a fag for lying? Because of fucking bureaucracy? Start lying fag, get that job good.
Also, if you came to me for a job, all I can do is call the number you provided, and the party better answer as the company or readily act as such, or I will get a funny feeling about it.

Make good lies, fag, don't be the FBI.

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