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As we are all aware, there is still a debate ongoing about climate change. The debate became heated again after Trump left the Paris agreement. A smart move on his part because if every country held itself to the agreement it would decrease the warming with 0.05 degrees.

But the facts are clear. Yes there is carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere because of fossil fuel usage. But is it bad? That is where the debate should be going. Because of the higher Co2 levels, plant growth across the globe has risen in 40% of the landmass.

We should not stop our progress because the planet heats up inevitably. It is a cycle that it is going through. Better would be if we adapted accordingly. And we will why not start now? Instead of spending incredible amounts to subsidize green technology we should instead try to invest into a more viable energy source. Wind and Solar is not going to cut it because of the instability of these power sources. Storing the excess into battery's is not feasible.

Nuclear power is the only option for a true green future. And to accomplish that, we will need Thorium reactors.
This is not the best video on this subject in my opinion but most do not speak my native language.
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The polar ice caps are melting on the planet mars. Is it all those cars being driven there!"?
only china and new jersey have high co2 levels.

this is not a joke or a meme.
check a co2 map.
nuclear energy is far too dangerous in todays world. i agree though, it is most likely the best form of energy we have that we can harness.
having said that though, by the time the world calms down, we will most likely find a new source of energy,
I wanted to believe you, satan+6, but this was what I found:

Not if you don't use steam that expands, instead you use molten salt. Easy safe cheap energy.

What I'm trying to say, if you come up on an investment on thorium or an Thorium MSR reactor, you should definitely invest into it.

With a decay of 300 years it is safely stored like we do with our current nuclear waste which stays radioactive for much much longer.
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Well thanks to>>144437177
I had the ability to checkout a great Co2map

Very informative, also kinda trippy to watch the dispersal patterns

In those regions CO2 is not the issue, it's the NOx, SO,x, CO and C smoke that are hazardous for health and create the infamous smog. The human body doesn't have much of an issue with elevated CO2 levels.
A decrease of .05 degrees would be really good. If we can get the global temperature to stop increasing that's generally seen as a victory

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