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The Las Vegas shooter had some sort of antisocial personality disorder. There's no doubt about it. News media keeps talking about how his dad, the bank robber, did and that his illness is what fueled his life of crime. Therefore, Stephen Paddock was destined to inevitably do something like what he did in Vegas. His genetics essentially made him a psycho killer and there's nothing that could have changed this.

Someone with this type of mental sickness is guaranteed to be a psycho killer. There is no question about it.The government is already hunting them down and imprisoning or euthanizing them. This is one of the primary tasks of both the FBI and the NSA and their monitoring of all public and private internet and phone communications.

Therefore, psychos are justified in fighting to their last breaths to deliver as much mayhem and destruction to a world that is essentially against them and wants them eradicated from the face of the earth.

Maybe the jews were contented to be picked off like rats, but the psychos, no, they have every right to go down fighting, and they know this. It is the cornerstone of their abnormality, and their sickness empowers and wills them to fight, murder, conquer, and destroy, or die in the process. It's all or nothing.

You.you play by your popularly accepted laws and rules which give the most power, wealth, and control to those at the top. But you are fools. Your overlords are sociopaths. They don't care about you. Your life doesn't even count. How the media handled coverage of the Vegas shooting proves this. Not a single victim has been named or had respects paid to them in anyway. You are fodder. Cogs in a machine. Maybe if you cowards would just pick up a weapon and feel the potential in your hand, the potential to end the life of your slave masters, you'd join the psychos in revolt. Let's be honest, you know what you are. You hate your own cowardly ways.Break the mold and be an active agent of chaos. The time is now.
hello CIA, send me some guns?
>no doubt about it
nobody sane commits mass murder.
>Keeps talking about how his dad had...
Ever think that it was what, the 50’s, 60’s, and they just threw all sorts of spoopy labels on him because why not?
this would not have happened if semi auto weapons like the ar-15 weren't legal.
these military grade weapons induce murder fantasies in people who own them.
idiot, people with guns have to be controlled and calmed, otherwise anything small road rage and everybody would be in jail

the only people with murder fantasies are leftard morons that have never even hold a gun, or maybe shot once or twice

once a leftard gets a gun, he cant handle it because he is used to throw a tantrum about any little thing

rich leftard kids should be given the communist treatment they want so bad, send them to the gulac and take all their possessions
cia nigger

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