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- Hey Anon, we're protesting against government, join us!
- It's fucking useless. What you do is fooling yourselves.
- Wow, you really don't care about people doing a good thing...
- You aren't doing shit. Your 'peaceful protest' is nothing but a demonstration of obedience, when with your goal (to depose an autocracy) requires armed uprising.
- Violence is not an answer, you freak! We show them that we are united and therefore promoting out goal!
- United in what? In fear? United in helplesness? United in following the cue to assemble somewhere, spend some time yelling and go home?
- Wow you're such a downer. There's nothing else we can do!
- You can take up improvised arms and actually make your point from the position of power. You know, like they did before someone smart decided to put banners in your hands instead of weapons.
- But the casualties! Did you think how many people have to die in a revolution? You sick fuck
- If you have a gangrene, you need to cut the leg away. Gently blowing on it is much less painful, but won't do shit.
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this thread is NOT about Italy. It's actually about Russia. Just so you know.
>promoting violent revolution in this day and age
not possible, op.
you have to cripple the country digitally.

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