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Hey /pol/ I'm pretty moderate and care more about equality than anything, but I feel like the leftist agenda isn't about equality and just uses such ideology as a bait and trap into Marxism.

I don't like Marxist, but now I'm lost. I feel like the only way to get my country back is through fascism.

Convince me to become a fascist in this thread, and I'll join the military and create and underground militant regime to stop the destruction of the world.
Leftism isn't about equality, no. Leftism is about change for the sake of change. It is partially fuelled by hatred of the West and tradition. Notice how leftists are generally unhappy. Leftism sees everything as power. They divide the world into enemies. It doesn't matter what you DO. What matters is what you SAY.

Sir Roger Scruton speaks about it in his excellent book "Thinkers of the New Left".

Fascism is the only way to bring it back, yes. Fascism gives us something bigger than ourselves. It's patriotism to the country, but not being happy with the direction it's going in when it goes poorly.

It's the preservation of fire, not the worship of ashes. It's about preserving what can be preserved.
Fascism is just as retarded as communism, authoritarian fag.
Then where do I go? Libertarian?

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