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The only true adventure left in this world is directly putting yourself into harms way.

Why haven't you taken the public service pill yet? Why haven't you joined the military, police, fire or EMS yet?
because i don't feel like getting sued for trying to save your life.
its not an adventure faggot,

BUT, as a strong body abled man, with a good variaty of skills, i feel compel to serve as a fire fighter, or ambulance driver

specially being on neetbux, the thing is idk they would accept a crazy fuck
Military--you're launched to die in a false war, by a creature like George W Bush

Police learn quickly they have each other's back, which is powerful, but they're alcoholic boxes of rocks and herd-like

I also only care about autists, so no to the two above
>what is good Samaritan law kek
Whoa. This is a really old thread.
so you are fucked anyway

the only issue with being EMS or firefighter, is being called into guettos and having to deal with subhumans trying to steal everything from you, you also cant carry guns while serving as FF or EMS, you are at the mercy of niggers
Yes, they would

You say you're crazy, which might mean you're not--you don't sound like it
Risking your life for niggers. Lol
have a misdemeanor, threw bricks at ex-gf house, verbally "threaten her", i dont really threaten her, just called a whore etc

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