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>go to the States on exchange
>Americans seem real nice at first but turns out they're just faking it out of habit and nobody really gives a shit about anyone
>locals get offended easily and get super uppity when it comes to politics
>muh fee fees, about half of the people you meet become offended over a curse word
>student kicked out of dorms because someone said he had wine at a party and he's 20 years old and Jesus gets mad if you drink below 21 but driving any hunka junk at 16 is fine, also nobody cares that half the campus smokes weed erryday
>no bantz except for other European students
>start traveling after graduation
>Singapore: Bantz, blatant racism (Chinese old timers cursing Indians all day), booze costs a lot but no holds barred as long as you've got the money, ice cold Tigers all day
>Hungary: Top tier bantz, even more racism (can't turban the Orban), local beer is great and costs fucking nothing, drunk people are bros instead of assholes and bartender chicks hot as hell
>Japan: Bantz disguised as politeness, ultra level racism (Korean and dog no enter), civil political debates that last all night until you're all too fucking drunk on sake and jap whisky

What the fuck is wrong with Americans? Literally a continent where everyone's busy spending all their available time and money keeping up appearances and double standards. At least niggers are honest about themselves while the rest of you schmucks police 20yo's over a glass of beer while on the way to get your weed fix from the dealer down the block, then die of a heart attack from getting triggered over a political advertisement of someone who doesn't hold the views of the party your family has voted for since the Boston tea party.
i love seeing shit like this from the perspective of a foreigner cause you're actually 1000% correct.
which state, there a difference between all of them
>fake nice
Yeah it's called courtesy Eurotrash
>Locals uppity about politics
Lo and behold, the culture effects of a two-party system
>Muh fee fees cursing
Foul-mouthed foreigners don't belong
>student kicked out with 20YO and wine
Most people agree the 21 YO thing is wrong. Thank 20th century feminists.
>no bantz
Eh. That's a lot coming from you, Finland.
>Travel after graduation
You Europeans love throwing money into the furnace with fun money trips. It's nice when the socialist leviathan state takes care of you.
>What is wrong with Americans?
That's like asking what's wrong with Europeans. America has so much subculture and identity across its lands, and you come to this country with nothing but bad things to say. Congratulations: You're an autistic half-breed with more money and time than you know what to do with. Sorry if Americans don't kowtow to your degenerate lifestyle like the Singaporean bartenders.
File: Rehabilitation_Program.png (1.89 MB, 1366x768)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
They got the best program going on.
File: 1507209706825.jpg (80 KB, 640x539)
80 KB
checked satan
wtf i hate america now

>locals get offended easily and get super uppity when it comes to politics

no shit

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