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Would it be better to get a Masters/PhD in Psychology or Psychiatry, or get a business degree and work for the Government? With Business I can start out making 45k/year no experience and move up to 66k/year after 2 years. Is Psychology a growing field and is there money to be made in it? Would grad school be worth the debt I'd have to accumulate? Is grad school that expensive? Could I get any job with a Bachelors in Psychology? Like maybe something for the Government in Psychology at the government level that would pay for my schooling?
Dude just ask yourself, if everything in your life is taken care of, what would you do? Don't go into a job for money you stupid nigger.
Psychology is a fake pseudoscience
>Business I can start out making 45k/year no experience and move up to 66k/year after 2 years
>working for the government

And where did you hear that?
Your numbers are off. I started @ 55k in low COL area. 65-70k for high COL.
Their Pay scale. get a 3.0 and a bachelors in business, start as a GS-7 making 45k/year

Two or three years later you get bumped to 66k/year. Few years after that, you can make about 80k. After you put in 20 years you might be at 100-160k/year
Also; government is the slowest way ever to fucking progress.

Go Audit then Public then industry/government.
Psychology and psychiatry are different things.
After completing a bachelors degree, you can do a clinical psychology degree that will allow you to actually practice psychology. Note that you need to have good grades to do this.
Clinical psychologists get shit pay (in NZ at least).
This requires a medical degree (i.e. good grades), followed by a psychiatry degree. Like all medical specialities, it's the professional practice of giving people drugs they probably don't need.
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>Wanting to get a business degree to work for the government
>Planning his life out like a union zero
>Will definitely be a regulator that fucks over the lives of his moral and intellectual superiors for arbitrary reasons
>Not realizing there's a huge difference between psychology and psychiatry

Remain a NEET. You'll do far less damage that way.

Just because their pay scale lists a bachelors degree with a gpa attached doesn't mean that that you'll actually be paid that IF you are hired.

>hurr but this one job listed needs a business degree
Yeah, and what else? Accounting? Statistical analysis?

If you want a good degree get the psychiatry degree and be a physicians assistant. The government doesn't need anyone with a business degree.
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