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File: 1507150027877.png (54 KB, 1000x1000)
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Story so far:
>JFK document release date approaches
>Trump wins election
>Norks, Russia, China, Middle East relations revised in the meantime.
>Media and Russia narrative falls.
>-Jonh makes a prediction about an incident. Accurately describes area and purpose: gun controll and Chertof selling scanners.
>Seth Rich case documents requested by DOJ, who previously refused to hand them over.
>Imran Awan first hearing, Goodman and Co. think they can trace the data by router. Equivalent of congress library downloaded to server.
>Pizzagate investigation gets Harvey Weinstein, connection to Fappening.
>Las Vegas Incident
> Mutliple witnesses, police sources and evidence confirm multiple shooters and multiple hotels being affected: MGM,Tropicana, Bellagio. Shills go out in force to shut it down.
>Someone leaks crimescene photos. Police mad.
>Single shooter narrative. Trump visits Vegas
>Chief of police admits paddock couldnt have worked alone. Immediately replaced.

(possible larp ahead confirm moves by trump, police, fbi and other anons)

>LVPD anon: 135 is a different hotel - Four Seasons owned by Saudis. Confirms police story Paddock meant to run away but says up.
>Blackwater anon, confirms -john, says the full scale incident was accidentally prevented by Blackwater escorting a VIP (blackwater contracts are middle east). Says full scale included explosives. This is consistent with Paddock running away.
>HotelCamAnon: posts magnet link key, never posts again? (need confirming, have key)
>MegaAnon, confirms -john and Blackwater anon, drops red pills on 'calm before the storm' Seth. Says LV investigation was handed over to DC FBI. Is chased down by shills and nickname stolen. Calls out /pol/ for not providing OC she doesnt already have.
>ReporterAnon, Comes lookgin for MegaAnon, confirms MegaAnon including the part shills say was larp. SethRich, wikileaks, kimdot. Wants to contact MegaAnon for the sake of his 'career'.
>Trump goes apeshit on twatter about NK

(You Are Here)
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkAp5gAYDUQ

snopeshills are out in force http://archive.is/qU11v

Mutliple shooters



>witness testimonies (4:00 - 9:06)
Multiple shooters, Shooters on the ground, A 'hispanic' looking woman was taken out of the concert by security after telling people 'they are all going to die'

>police scanner (radio)
at least 2 shooters

>swat enters 32nd floor

>sequence of events - LVPD press conference oct.4

>LVPD press conference 1
Police is asking assistance in looking for marilou danely, nobody asks about the second shooter. "The primary aggressor in this incident has expired".

>LVPD press conference 5 (skipped to press questions)
'Radicalisation'?, Say the Marilou is in philipines and will be returning on Thursday


Claim: Jesus Campos, the security guard who was the second shooter and killed Paddock. (source anonymous)

BONUS2 (broken after 1):
FBI Agents told to stop working second shooter leads. Source requires confirming (source anonymous).

>not matching cellphone, keycard used inside hotel when car was out.

>note contained numbers

>hotel cam dump key - is it real?
12 Israelis you say? UNACCOUNTED FOR you say? Oh, they're FOUND now? Gee I wonder THEY could have been DOING during the time they were missing and "unaccounted for"? Like the "art students" on 9/11


WASHINGTON -- Twelve Israelis who were unaccounted for in Las Vegas amidst a massacre there on Sunday night have been identified and are safe, an official with the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles said on Tuesday.

"All of the Israelis that we were looking for has been located," the official told The Jerusalem Post, confirming that their diplomats on the ground in Nevada were on their way back to California.




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Poor John, The Revelator; He didn't deserve that
File: 1507224133012.png (420 KB, 501x3311)
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420 KB PNG
You can find: Seth, Imran and Weinstein yourself
Meanwhile more witnesses:
File: FourSeasons2.jpg (79 KB, 1201x464)
79 KB
LVPD anon
File: 1479805376059.gif (3.1 MB, 1268x903)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB GIF
File: BandRop.jpg (89 KB, 1875x490)
89 KB

Vid shows Tropicana, not sure if that is what he meant, anyway weird escort, corroborates witnesses.

File: Blackwater.jpg (1.01 MB, 2128x3368)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Fuck i lost the screencap but not the key

Posting MegaAnon instead
File: 1507322616634.png (2.53 MB, 742x5069)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
File: 1507394026297.png (281 KB, 1880x1688)
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281 KB PNG
File: 1507339273501.png (189 KB, 1058x828)
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189 KB PNG
this is not the same lvpd anon as this: this one looks fake,
the one i thing about only ever said: look into Four Seasons, which is close to the Blackwater story.

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