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Is it because they know they're wrong and miserable and want to make others share in their sorrows?

>friend ive known for 9 months through new job invites me over for beers
>drinking, chilling, he suggests to put the spartacus (blood and sand) series on in the background
>tfw, i shit you not, there were 3 gay sex scenes in the episode
>tfw feeling awkward as fuck
>start thinking of escape routes
>tfw a blonde roman girl comes on screen
>''oh she's nice'' i say
>''yeah, kind of, but i prefer those other scenes'' he says offhandedly
>tfw the end credits roll at long last

I managed to bail on him but i've not responded to his texts for the last 4 days and he keeps sending afew new ones more and more as the days go on. Advice? I mean, i'm not sure if he's actually gay, he's a pretty handsome guy and he's funny and popular, so he shouldn't have any problems but i'm unsure what to do. Unfriend? Carry on being friends? I mean, spartacus is a show for gays right? Why else would he watch it?
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Soros is the the one pushing this shit on us. We are just too pussified to stand up for ourselves
Don't post that at me fudgepacker
Whats wrong about wanting to get rammed in the ass?

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