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Well since we all know there are tons of us black people lurking these boards, we need to establish our own self improvement regime.

Leave the we wuzing at home because as it stands the only thing in Africa that may be contested as a non-European or non-Islamic structure are the Pyramids(and related masonry).

So here's what we need to do:
>Use the purchasing power we have gotten from these nice white volks.
>Return to our homelands.
>Get some infographics circulating that can identify what general area of Africa you would hail from depending on facial features.
>Work on establishing a unique African architectural identity.
>Stop being so scared to step out of our Nikes and put on some work boots and stop playing the victim.
>Use this super negro strength we keep bragging about to secure our homeland.
>Kick out the Jews who are abusing our natural talents to ruin the world so the can seize control.

I'll leave the next part to the boards to do what they do best:Brainstorm.
Selfbump for da people.....
Check out the website slayingevil.com and rootsofroyals.com for more ideas.


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