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We REALLY don't want you back.

Women Absorb And Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With


This is the Reason why we say once you go nigger you can fuck off.
Every mudshark that has defiled herself with a nonwhite subhuman retains his dna inside of her.
So when you have sex with her and get her pregnant, the nigger dna will also go inside of the baby.
You will literally be a fucking cuck and your "white" child will be a fucking nigger.
absolute bullshit
If you can't find a girl that hasn't been blacked yet you are just blind. Also stop with your white screaming. all the white woman are ours not yours
Not this again. I'm genuinely surprised by the lack of academic education of people around here. Re-read the paper and tell me where does it even say anything remotely similar to what you claim. No to niggers fucking white women, but fucking hell, stop being this retarded. The concerted decrease in intelligence from most users in this board during recent years is worrisome, to say the least.
t. nigger
t. nigger # 2
> MUH ((( Intellectualism )))
God you sound like an autistic virgin, also stop trying to shill and deny what the study shows you nigger lover.
It's people like you that really make me wonder if blacks are that much worse than whites. You're literally a white nigger. It's the ultimate irony for someone with that flair. Please keep your idiocy to yourself and don't embarrass our race any further.
>Swedish flag
>Defends Niggers
Your ancestors are ashamed cucko
Pinpoint the exact part where I defended them. I am merely exposing his ignorance and the misinterpretation of academic findings, which I have no doubt is unintentional, given his ignorance.

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