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Is there an actual solid definition for these terms? They are obviously used every single day by the media and by people discussing politics on the internet. And yet, I get the weird feeling most people do not grasp them. These terms do not seem to have actual solid definitions. They seem to change constantly depending on the place and time. So I don't understand why they are so prevalently used.

Here is what they seem to mean today: "right-wing" seems to mean either racist or wants stronger borders, while "left wing" seems to mean wants more multiculturalism and open borders. Other political issues don't seem to matter as much; someone can be for abortion, gay marriage, and environmentalism, but will still be labeled "right wing" if they dont want more muslim immigrants in the country. Have the terms "right wing" and "left wing" come to almost exclusively be about immigration?
I tend to define left and right as economic freedom but I've seen others try to meme into existence the totalitarian to anarchist scale, which I don't mind personally.
Basically these terms mean something different to everyone so we should probably do away with them.
Also right wing tends to be used as a proxy for nationalism by leftists, perhaps to steer people who don't know about nationalism away from the right, so there's that as well.
the left/right paradigm comes from the French revolution. in Parliament, the supporters of the monarch sat to the right and the supporters of the revolution sat to the left
left wing is teenage angst faggot bullshit, right wing is conservative adulthood, there are niggers and rednecks on both sides making it very confusing for everyone

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