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A white man must provide for his family, maintain his property, and advance his civilization. He doesn't have time to engage in the feminine world of trendy fashion, so he follows these timeless rules to maintain a respectable appearance at all times.

>Neutral colors
>No Logos
>No fads
>Fit over fashion

>A white man wears khaki, gray, and navy trousers in 100% Cotton and 100% wool - or dark jeans.
>His pants are neither tight nor baggy, sit correctly at the hip, and fall to the ankle bone.
>He only wears shorts when engaging in appropriate sporting activities - they fall slightly above the knee.
>He recognizes that shorts are for children.

>A white man wears white/blue Oxford Cloth Button Downs (OCBDs) with a plain sport coat or suit.
>With no sport coat, he wears subtle plaid, striped, or patterned button down shirts, polos, and henleys.
>His shirts are neither tight nor baggy. The shoulder seam sits at the acromion joint. If the shirt tail is below the crotch, it is tucked in.
>He recognizes that t-shirts are for children.

Coats and Jackets:
>A white man matches his coat to the occasion. A moto jacket on a motorcycle; a track jacket at the track. For daily wear, he chooses a field jacket, peacoat, overcoat, or bomber.

>A white man wears black and brown oxfords, casual boots, boat shoes, and loafers. Sneakers are only utilized for appropriate sporting events.
>He recognizes that sneakers are for children.

>A white man wears plain ties when necessary. He wears plain, striped, and argyle socks that match his trousers, and the belt matches the shoes. Hats are only for occasions. His only jewelry is a watch.

The white man demands respect and his appearance assists in this matter. His wardrobe as a system to be simplified. He allocates his mental and fiscal capacity to more important things
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There's nothing more shameful than a white ale wearing a flatbill hat with the sticker still on it.

Men should be bending the brim of their hat.....

Do they even realize they are dressing like dindus?
You don't have to be racist though. Non-white man can wear the same.

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