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Fellow anons and Trump supporters,
Some of you may already be aware of Judicial Watch, but for those who are not, they are a non profit legal organization that has been fighting side by side with us to expose the truth behind the shadiness of the Clinton election scandal.
Tom Fitton is the head of the org and he is about as close to a real life hero as were going to get.
Tom has been struggling with lawsuits for FOIA documents related to the Clinton scandal.
This might seem like a normal thing in light of the past administration, however, you must realize that the trouble being given to Tom is by the Trump DoJ headed by Jeff Sessions.
This should be incredibly concerning to you if you voted for Trump or support restoring equality to our justice system.
So Trump will call Hillary out on the bullshit tarmac meeting but wont release the documents about it to the people?
If you think the "god emporer" is on the people's side, you are sadly mistaken. The proof of this claim is the FOIA documents that are being withheld from Judicial Watch, which are in regard to the Hillary Clinton emails and TARMAC meeting with Lorretta Lynch.

Pt.1 https://youtu.be/_Lc5Jr_yX7M

Pt 2. https://youtu.be/Mho3w3q6mhY

Discuss why this info is being with-held, if it is all to blame on Sessions, why hasnt Trump replaced him?
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bump for justice
>Discuss why this info is being with-held, if it is all to blame on Sessions, why hasnt Trump replaced him?
Have you tried asking Trump?
You got his number?
Sessions is no good. Chaffetz confirmed he's not even gonna look at crimes regarding previous administration.
have faith. Remember, everybody in Trumps cabinet is getting BTFO. Sessions time will come as well.

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