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Might a beautiful young 1997 Hollywood ingenue like Ashley Judd find an old, fat jew like Harvey Weinstein attractive, and want to have sex with him on first meeting him? Or is this always by definition that old story of the Hollywood casting couch of the old jewish Hollywood mogul and the young, naive gentile actress looking for her big break, running around the casting couch?
Mom and sis got ridden on the record company couch, only natural for her to take her turn on the casting couch.
Her mom played a floozy in the Hank Jr biopic before she hit gold in music. She was a complete natural at being a whore onscreen.
It runs in the family.

She was my favorite growing up. That movie she did as a crazy bank robber with the guy from 90210. Hnnng
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It must be great being a Hollywood jew. You get to fuck literally the most beautiful women in America, do all sorts of things to them that their boyfriends wouldn't even do, and when you're done you just chill at your Hollywood mansion and think up movies and reboots to finance in order to demoralize the tribe of the girl you've just fucked. You get to buy anything you want and even cast your ridiculously ugly Jew friends in starring roles when everybody knows they would never have a chance otherwise. See the dumbfounded kike in pic related, on the far left? There is a scene where he just nonchalantly mentions he had a Bar Mitzvah, has no relation to the plot. And of course he ends up kissing the fine blonde goyess. A whole cadre of jews thought up this premise, it was strategic.
Urgent book recommendation: Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon" from (I think) the early 60s. I'm only reading it myself after finding it in my Grandfather's inheritance the other day, but even at first glance it seems to go extremely deeply into all that age-old dirt. It's not attraction. It's mostly the casting couch, the Jesuits' aptitude at people-catching and the excessive use of drugs to enslave newcomers.
>real world
I don't even know who this birch is, nor do a know if the beta like you mention, but duck you need to keep away from the tv. Stop being a capitalist drone

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