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Progressive protests have been changing in the last 60 years:
the Vietnam war protesters were one thing; very ffw in 1999, the anti-WTO people in Seattle were another, in 2011 OWS folks were another more, and BLM and antifa now are yet a different one.

This is a protest, now. It's posted by Sargon of Akkad, so I guess people kinda know what to expect, but statements, chants and talking points are not staged anyways. It's from protests at the Free Speech Week in Berkeley.

I've been looking at it, and then I've been looking at this:
This one is Naomi Klein talking at the labor conference. Naomi was around in 1999, had just published No Logo and is still essentially preaching the same gospel she was 20 years ago. The discourse has matured and adjusted to the current political scenario, but the terms of her "protest" stay in the same arena. She's an intellectual and a supporter of grassroots movements whose advocacy in non compliance is very much real - cfr. The Take - but it doesn't resemble anything like the other video.

I feel that protests like what BLM, BAMN, antifa, etc. are doing now might further result in discourse polarization and loss of whatever is left of the debating platform - e.g. very fucking angry black lesbo monster screaming at Milo. A debating platform is important: blue collar workers who voted Trump have often converging interests with the same people they are protesting/being protested against. Those converging interests DO NOT include tranny wc's and such, but I guess everyone is happy without debt, per se. I feel that someone like Naomi Klein does the opposite - when she refrains from cheap shots at the God Emperor or one too many clapping pauses.

Can every alt unite and be Great Again? Am I fucking insane?
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Shamelessly bumping with sexy Ivanka
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No problem, got some more.
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Q: how many Ivanka pictures before thoughtful reply?
A: more than four
Let's say 1/100 conspiracies on pol are true. Which one would that be? Well, that's not ITT.
Also not ITT: how to jump start your thread FAST
The man, holding me down again. The resources and expertise of the 1% I shall never have!
That and fucking the head of dead pigs.
Average pol lurker:
> wait, is that a Naomi Klein vid?
> where tf is the MAGA thread?
> I don't listen to fucking libtartds
> this guy is scum!!
Enlightened pol lurker:
> wait is that an idea there?
> no bullet point of free masons conspiracy??
> oh shit! Well that hasn't been around for a bit
> well Idk what to say to that!
The guy handing out the biz cards on Sargon video, with the tee reading "empathy" takes the cake though.

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