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This needs to come from the people, no one congressman or senator will sponsor this because someone will commit a crime with this later because there are bad people, and his opponent will be able to point to his support for this and blame him for it somehow.
Principles of responsible gun control and a national militia card:
National concealed carry, not just reciprocity. If you can prove competency and pass background checks that show you aren’t a danger, you can concealed carry anywhere in the US.
But to show that you are carrying legally, you will also have a national militia license. There will be various levels of license, showing competency showing a good background check, and a felony-free criminal record, and showing full-auto or concealed carry options. Basic pistols, and sporting rifles will only require a background check, as they do not today.
No gun registration. Gun ownership lists in any form will not be centrally kept with any government body.
But we will agree to universal background checks at every purchase, and carrying the militia license. Provided the background checks are free and instant, and there is no wait time, or limit to the number of guns that can be purchased. These checks shall also be used if a gun is loaned to someone. Private transfer of property between two citizens was well and good a hundred years ago when you knew the man you were selling the gun to. Now if you are selling it to the highest bidder on craigslist, it seems only fair that you comply to the same level of scrutiny a professional gun store does.
No bump stocks. Attaching a bump stocks will be the creation of a fully automatic weapon because you are only pulling your finger once to fire multiple rounds, even though the trigger is being pulled multiple times.
But we require that fully automatic weapons, and all NFA items become available to civilians again, outside of onerous class 3 FFL costs. At no additional cost to users, a new licensing program will be created where you must prove competency and pass an enhanced background check, and may be continually monitored. This will bring automatic firearms out of the shadows—the creation of work arounds like the bump stock or illegal modifications will be greatly reduced because legal owners can simply obtain their fully automatic dream-gun legally. At the same time, these owners will be subjected to additional scrutiny because of their militia license, thus the investigatory bodies will be more likely to catch them planning a mass shooting.
For the high competency, high background check citizens, there will be no limit on suppressors, magazine size, or other accessories, even including collapsible stocks for automatic pistols.
Ammunition purchases must pass basic instant background checks at no additional charge. Loans/giveaways should pass background checks as well.

Am I full of shit? Is this decent? I want my full-fun back and don't care if that's an extra background check, how do you feel about it?
Fug bros, I ain't no shill. :(
File: liberal gun control.png (487 KB, 449x685)
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gimme dem full-autos n sheit. You can background check me all you want.
>You can background check me all you want.
shall not be infringed
Felons already can't own that shit.

FFLs already need to check that. Even private party transfers should be checked.

Getting full-autos back, bitch
>FFLs already need to check that.
Why should I have to give up my rights so the government can release violent criminals into the wild?
Because they are releasing them already, a felony is only a one year conviction.

You are getting MORE rights back because you get full auto funs! This seems more effective than sitting their whining about htem taking your bump stocks away, which they are gonna do anyway, the Rs are so cucked, and libs are trying to repeal the second amendment, and the Rs think they are making really good progress by only shaving rights away a piece at a time.
Besides, losing your gun rights after a felony is not unconstitutional.
You committed a crime and were found guilty. Part of your sentencing is removing constitutional rights. Do you get to vote in jail? No. Are you free to leave in jail? no. can you buy a gun after jail? No.

This is just making your you aren't selling your gun to a felon.

'shall not be infringed' doesn't seem to be a valid argument, and certainly isn't legally.
>Besides, losing your gun rights after a felony is not unconstitutional.
I never said they can own guns
I said I should not have to deal with a background check
Well you already do if you buy through a gun dealer. You only get around it with private party transfers.

Do you even own guns or are you just being a devil's advocate?

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