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All signs are pointing to the fact that the next recession will turn into a global depression

>Interest rates have been near zero for over 8 years and can't be raised without collapsing everything
>Too many overinflated asset bubbles
>Fed cannot bail everyone out when debt is the main cause of the recession
>Banks gave out loans to too many people of bad risk due to low interest rates
>Many countries like Australia, Canada and England are being propped up by a massive housing bubble
>US is in a massive stock market bubble
>Cities are going broke because they can't pay for people's pensions

Civil unrest and war usually follow massive economic downturns
Fintech nigger, just because market speculation dies it doesn't mean the economy will actually suffer.
Speculation and overinflation is keeping zombie economies alive
The 08 recession almost led to a depression but we kicked the can down the road and are now in for a world of hurt
The economy can run without it like it did in the 60's before creditism took over.
We would still have to go through a massive downturn before any reforms take place
The financial sector has been restructuring since the crash, Fintech is already taking over the industry and bankers will no longer crash functioning economies for profit.
Banking hubs like the city of London Singapore and Honk Kong will suffer but everyone will be better off automation will be the real shock to the system.
>The financial sector has been restructuring since the crash

The financial industry doesn't know what to do. They haven't decreased the balance sheet which has quadrupled since 08 not to mention unemployment is still high while GDP growth has been

All the tricks that were used to save us from 08 cannot be used in the next crash
They will avoid it all together, the US will avoid defaulting on it's debt by declaring war to get it's debts cancelled.
Endless economic growth is a dying meme, the Jews will hold out until AI kicks in and runs the economy like the already run the stock market.
and this time we don't have the black guy to save us! We're screwed.
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Donald Trump will save the world from an economic disaster by starting a nuclear world war. Check 'em!
File: franklin1.jpg (65 KB, 850x400)
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there are countless graphs that can show how awful shit is right now. even reverting to 1950s level monetary policy and regulation would be an unbelievable heaven and 90% of modern political angst would instantly cease.

so i'm going to just leave pic related here and be done with it.

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