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Mandalay Bay employee says Paddock had the vista suite since the 25th and the connector room since the 28th
Police lied and said he checked in on the 28th
The duplicate receipt is from the 27th
IRD_MD = In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay
The room service receipt says two people were ordering
Paddock’s guest could not have been his girlfriend Marilou Danley because she was in the Philippines at the time

Paddock's room allegedly contained:
ANTIFA paraphernalia
Photos of visits to Middle East (not of Paddock in Middle East?)
Paddock had tons of room charges; room service, food from The Citizens restaurant (?)

Paddock was an illegal arms dealer
He worked with the FBI
He laundered profits using the Casino
He didn't book the connector room
He wasn't one of the shooters
He got set up

ISIS were stationed in the connector room
A male and a female member got cold feet and alerted festival goers 45 minutes before the massacre

The Israeli Foreign Ministry reported that 12 Israelis remain unaccounted for following the massacre

File: 1507274233928 - Copy.png (548 KB, 720x663)
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>Media asks about get away car,
FBI coughs
>WHISPERS "dont go there"

Thanks anon
The "getaway" vehicle contained ammonium nitrate
An FBI vehicle?
Intended to ignite jet fuel
File: Ehhhhhhh_better - Copy.png (1.09 MB, 1043x1488)
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1.09 MB PNG
As cover to kill John "Frank" Kelly
Who was carrying a briefcase containing evidence(?)

Find the shooters
Find the black vans

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