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>Jews sexually assaulting all the pretty young actresses; gotta have sex with fat oily gross old Jew man to get ahead; everyone afraid to speak out because entire town run by Jews, all lawyers and city council Jews, all media editors and execs Jews, speaking out means your career is over and your name will be drug through the mud and nothing will happen anyway.
>Jews always trying to take away guns.
>Jews always trying to limit what you can say, anything the criticizes Jews = hate speech, because criticism leads directly to another shoah.
>Jews scamming you every chance they get, never do business with a Jew unless you're also a Jew.
>Jews telling you your country doesn't belong to you, help import millions of minorities to crowd you out, often using your own tax money.
>Jews manipulating everyone's scriptures to make it seem like you have to worship Jews or go to hell.
>Jews trying to turn your kids gay and trans by pushing queer propaganda everywhere, letting mentally ill faggots pee next to your little daughter.
>Jews pushing race mixing porn as much as they can, every perversion you can imagine, trying to legalize every degeneracy.
And now every time I load up Netflix I have to scroll through this newest Obscenity. Ten minutes into the first episode of Big Mouth they show full frontal animated penis of a little boy.
>Fine, just don't watch it if you don't like comedies about children masturbating
Yeah but they still push this ad box for the show in my queue and it's a little boy in bed with an erection covered up by his bedsheets. Because a child's erection is hilarious comedy that I need to see everytime I use Netflix.
No matter how hard you try to avoid the Jew and all his Jewish trappings, they still find ways to sneak their degeneracy into anyplace you look. I just don't know what to do anymore, guys. Do I have to go full Ted Kaczynski and live like a hermit in the woods just so Jews don't bombard me with shit? Will they still find a way?

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