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Hey /pol/.
the only thing stopping me from being a white nationalist is that i feel some blacks are not bad, and its jot fair to exclude them in a white ethnostate. Can someone give me the last redpill? I got this far already.
The good ones are exceptions.
bump. help
they have kids
We don't need to kill them. Ethnostates don't need to kill or have no minorities or anything, being supermajority of one ethnicity and giving certain privileges to the ethnicity built around is all that's needed.
See Israel.
Well educated and hard working blacks/asians/hispanics/Indians are fine. Cancerous hippies, SJW's and leftists need to be purged regardless of color.

Also, they make up like what? 1% of Niggers. More so, you get to see their true side when you hang around them for too long.
I don't begin to subscribe to that mode of thought, but if you're already this far you're probably looking for bell curves.In other words, some blacks are OK, but that's mostly the result of every population having outliers.
10% of whites are shit
90% of blacks are shit

let's say we get rid of the shitty 10% of whites and the shitty 90% of blacks. Problem solved, right?

>3 generations go by
>10% of whites are shit
>90% of blacks are shit

it's in the blood. it self-replicates.
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Nearly every European country was basically ''white ethnostates'', was it really that oppressive of blacks?

Racemixing is impossible to stop without ethnostates. Either we actively oppress blacks like in slavery days to discourage racemixing, or we accept blacks as human beings but segregate people to nations of their own races.

Do you want your grandchildren to be brown or white. That's what the ultimate question is.
>they have kids
Ok, but it feela wrong to exclude blacks. Why not try and reform black culture which plays a large part rather than hate them in a cycle? The Jews are the real issue.

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