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How many of you are saving money for darker days ? Do you feel like your job is not going to last forever ? I have this fear of unenployment and I would be a sad NEET seriousmy because I need money and I have dreams. So what do I do apart savings ? Are there any options available ?

I'm literally planning to kill myself at 30 if I have no particularly important thing to live for. I'm saving my money so I can survive the next few years regardless of what happens.

>darker days

Nigga this as bad as it's gonna get. Go buy a pizza.
This isn't a fucking chatroom! Do you have something to contribute or not???!!! This goes for life, in general, as well.
I buy silver and gold bullion on eBay for fun. Not too much, just a bit every now and then. Recently got a 100g .999 Scottsdale Silver bar for ~$60 and 20x 1oz .999 silver rounds for $350. Probably gunna pick up a 1/10oz maple leaf, Growling Cougar, and Double Eagle if I can get under $145 or so.
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I hope you don't mean savings as in a savings account; inflation means you are losing money that way. Save 10k, get a financial advisor you can trust; invest aggressively in a stratified portfolio, maximizing RoI in each sector. Keep putting in as much as you can. Then you will attain sushi level, cause not everybody works at Taco Bell.
i have a giant cock to contribute to your fathers mouth.
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Why are you so racist?

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