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I was sitting alone in my house on a Friday night. Everything was peaceful until something caught my eye. It was an older looking man just standing there. I blink and he's gone. I'm creeped out, but I just assume I was seeing things.

Night 2
I see the strange man again. He was right out of my window. I immediately noticed his tangerine colored skin. He busted through my window and the smell of a fresh spray tan filled my nose. He whispered something of the lines of , "Bend over and let daddy please you." In which I obliged redunctantly. I heard an unzipping sound and knew what was coming, but instead it was a fucking bottle of spray paint. I think he wanted to make me orange. Like him. As the cold spray paint hit my skin,
I screamed, "Stop please oh please stop"
He said nothing , but looked at me fiercely. I knew I would live a life with him.
When he was done he grabbed me by the collar and kissed me passionately. His wrinkly lips touched mine his 70 year old saliva entered my mouth and I couldn't be happier.
Night 37367
Mr.Trump and I have been living a great life. We've been creating a cult. Would you like to join? Hahahahhahha! You're next!
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I love this story

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