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I have a message I will release in 7 days. This could or could not change the world. I have come to understand a potential way to change the world. It is very risky though.

I think I am already being watched since I downloaded some of that info about the dead man's switch from a thread the other day.

What a thrilling game, who will win the global elite or a retard in his mid 20's thats probably going insane.

But then again, people have allegedly banned for working towards that information loaded in the blockchain. What a thrilling game, indeed.

I don't know if this will get traction, perhaps some people have seen me post about the power of belief. I have an idea, that could change the world.

In the threads I post, if they receive any attention, please treat it as a global elite tracking thread. Look for new links perhaps.

Remember these words, anon who sees this topic. (you) must remember that there is strength in unity.

And to (((you))) who are browsing. Your time is limited. You are already in panic mode, and you don't realize what is to come.( and if (you) think (((they))) means only the jews, you may be a little wrong. Remember Kanye, and realize that you must not judge all jews, like you must not judge all blacks. There are to jews, what is a nigger to a black.)

I'll remain around for about half an hour an hour or so, occasionally smoking. The tripcode is important, as several people I know have access to it. Should I go missing after posting this thread, they have a video to be released to the world and instructions (if they havent posted on 4chan, a bonus image on that) on how to upload it and bring it here, as well as a zip file containing some things I can not release.

If you want to see man stand before mankind, then make me a meme. You will come to understand the part even browsing across this thread has played in a short time.
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who is this guy
>Change the world

Stopped reading there.

TLDR: I’m a dumb leaf and a faggot.
Get down with your bad self. The serious crowd here knows we are playing for keeps, on the fate of humanity.
as an added bonus, here's an email I sent to comet ping pong. alefantis, if you browse you can reveal who i am to the world, tempting isnt it? since i used my normal everyday email :^)

To whom it may concern;
I am an avid reader of /pol/ and I hope my email isn't filtered for that reason alone.

I cannot be certain either way if any allegations are true, and frankly I don't really care if they happen to be. It truly does not bother me if such rumours happen to be true because rituals have been a part of human civilization for quite some time, I can only assume.

I am writing today because I fear for the world if the allegations do happen to be true; it seems as if many things are being uncovered and information made public. While many of the masses do not care, I feel there is something coming that will cause everyone to care about what is going on behind the scenes.
Mario Batali
Should that information come out the way it is, the world as all of us know it will be forever changed. If I were to believe everything I've read, I would assume the Samson Option is a last resort to keep things under wraps. I do not believe this is necessary but I do believe within a few years if things continue as they are it will be forced upon the world.

I would like to think that all allegations are of course, false. In the event they are not, however, I believe the only option is for someone to admit to these atrocities before God and mankind. Of course, one would be judged - harshly. But if one were to shed light on the truth, perhaps we can avoid the dark desolate future. I cannot stress enough that in the will of the invite creator one can always be forgiven; though I am no expert in spiritual matters I can assure you in the end we all return to the same thing.
No. Not even shills are as retarded as this.
I hope in my heart that none of the allegations are true, but we live in a sick and twisted world and if not you, I'm sure someone somewhere is behind the atrocities.

In the event that this message actually means anything (I hope it doesn't) and truly there are many people working together for some common goal people may not understand, I would only ask that with all the connections you have that you spare my life (or at least show me some of the stuff I'm rather interested to see if rituals are perhaps real or that you simply don't kill me for my family to find)

Again, I hope nothing is true but with the information coming to light recently and perhaps in the near future, I believe the best course of action for society is simply honesty.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I apologize if it was a waste of time for you (whoever happens to read these though I would have hoped to message Me. Alefantis himself) as I can only assume someone has to wade through a bunch of stupid shit from other people on 4chan.

Best of luck in the future no matter what is true or what happens. Thank you again for even entertaining the idea of reading this email.

I tried to go in peace. I am a loser who probably can't do anything, but hey hope can come from anywhere... we'll get to that though.

Just wait, I need you to hate me and tell me how stupid I am. Please continue, act like nothing will happen. These reactions are necessary.

And when I do australia will no longer be king of the bants :^)

Guy fieri, obviously.
Fucking get to it already
Are you going to say anything at all in your messages, or just more incomprehensible drivel?
yup, you are insane
It has to be this way for now. trust anon.
Flippin larper
>message that will expose the global elite
>doesn't post it
>tells the global elite when he will post it
>tells the global elite who he is and where he is by interacting with an elite-controlled computer network
RIP genius. Sad because I really believed you.
Et tu Chris Wallace?
>I tried to go in peace.
>The tripcode is important, as several people I know have access to it. Should I go missing after posting this thread, they have a video to be released to the world and instructions (if they havent posted on 4chan, a bonus image on that) on how to upload it and bring it here, as well as a zip file containing some things I can not release.

Getting caught is a part of the plan anon.
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Michael, I've told you to stop before. Stop this now.
File: s-l1600.jpg (223 KB, 1600x1200)
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223 KB JPG
Do you understand, Michael?
File: 1528731365092.jpg (41 KB, 641x530)
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hm. interesting.
File: 1514168026542.png (294 KB, 501x338)
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>Prophet !!kwtwXu2ly4t
>I have a message I will release in 7 days.

We have a new LARP everyone. Here comes all the twitter boomers, call the Q force.
Michael isn't LARPing, but he'll stop now.

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