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>during the summer of 2012, Enos dispatched “a small number of Spanish-speaking confederates to commuter train stations in homogeneously Anglo communities every day, at the same time, for two weeks.”

>The stations were on two Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority commuter rail lines into Boston — one starting in Worcester, the other in Forge Park — at nine stations in upscale, mostly white towns.

>Subjects were exposed to the same Spanish-speaking persons in a location near their homes for an extended period, as would be the situation if immigrants had moved into their neighborhood and used the public transportation.

>Members of the treatment groups and control groups were surveyed before and after the two weeklong experiments in an effort to identify the effect of exposure to Spanish-speaking people. In both surveys, respondents were asked three questions about immigration along with other more general questions […]

>How did the respondents’ answers change?

>Treated subjects were far more likely to advocate a reduction in immigration from Mexico and were far less likely to indicate that illegal immigrants should be allowed to remain in this country.

the key takeaway here is that by experiencing the BARE MINIMUM of diversity (two people speaking a foreign language near you) is enough to start moving the dial
Who cares.
what a shock OP
next time archive your links newfaggot
get gassed anon
it’s a good sign, Jaromir
More proof that every jackass white liberal is a spoiled upper class person who's never had to personally deal with shitskins and only uses their political views for virtue signaling.
By the time they wake up it’s already far too late.
This. Then who cares when they realize how wrong they were

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